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Looking For Whole Grains? Think Outside the Cereal Box

Are you trying to eat more whole grains?  Chances are, even if you’re not trying, you are eating more, and that’s a good thing.   A few years ago, the USDA’s Dietary Guidelines advised everyone to eat more whole grains by replacing at least half of our refined grains with whole grains.  As a result, food manufacturers, food service providers, and even fast food restaurants have gotten on board to create more whole grain options and help inch us toward that goal.

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Six Steps To A Healthier Heart

Although the rate of cardiovascular or heart disease has been decreasing, it remains far too common of a diagnosis, and it is still the leading cause of death for those over the age of 55.  The American Heart Association recommends that everyone over the age of 20 get regular screenings.  You should know your numbers for cholesterol, blood pressure, glucose, and body mass index, as well as be aware of any other factors which put you at risk for heart attack or stroke. 

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