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E-cigarettes and Kids: A Harmful Combination

Despite very successful anti-tobacco campaigns over the past several years that have greatly diminished cigarette use among tweens and teens, e-cigarettes and other Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems (ENDS) products are rising quickly in popularity. In 2014, survey results found more teens used e-cigarettes than regular cigarettes: 9% of 8th graders, 16% of 10th graders, and 17% of 12th graders used e-cigarettes, compared to 4%, 7%, and 14% for regular cigarettes, respectively.

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Better Care for a Better Life: Erick

While at Disney World for his brother’s wedding in December 2012, Erick noticed that the rides’ seat belts fit snugly around his waist.

With a family history of diabetes and obesity, this was the final push Erick needed. He realized that it was time to take control of his health or face a myriad of health problems later in life.

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SMArt Kids Stay Active All Year Long

At this month’s SMArt Kids Shared Medical Appointment, we focused on the importance of sixty minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activity per day.  Sounds like a big undertaking, but with the help of Kelley Allardi PT, one of our physical therapists at Burlington, we learned it is easy to fit it all in.  The reality is that you don’t need a lot of “time” or equipment as long as you are motivated and creative.

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Eating out the SMArt Kids’ Way

Despite the distractions of Valentine’s Day and school vacation week, the SMArt Kids returned to our recent SMA motivated and focused on our SMArt Kids’ goals.

As usual, we reviewed all of the SMArt Kids goals but focused on the importance of reducing fast food intake. We discussed that fast food options are a poor choice for our SMArt Kids. Remember the quick at-home alternative to the McDonald’s Happy Meal? Try a piece of pre-cooked rotisserie chicken (skip the skin!),

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Veggies and the Super Bowl DO go together!

Make 2013 the year of the vegetable! To bring that idea home, the SMArt kids prepared a delicious and nutritious Super Bowl Snack Salad, spearheaded by Linda Germaine-Miller, our SMArt Kids nutritionist. See below for Linda’s other healthy snack alternatives for the upcoming big game.

During our recent SMA, we also discussed the importance of vegetables in preventing cancer and cardiovascular disease, as well as its protective effect for the eye and digestive tract.

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SMArt Kids are Active Kids

With the winter rapidly approaching, we decided to highlight the importance of exercise in our recent SMArt Kids’ shared medical appointment (SMA). Many of our SMArt Kids have already done a great job with this goal: one SMArt kid swims four times per week and another SMArt kid ran a recent 5K road race with his mother!  No matter what you do today, we all need to keep this goal a priority now,

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Welcome Back, SMArt Kids!

At our recent September SMA, we had many new SMArt Kids plus a great showing of recent graduates.  The returning patients reported on their summer successes and did a stellar job showing our new participants the ropes.  We reviewed our SMArt Kids objectives for 2012-13:

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West Roxbury SMArt Kids Welcomes Land’s Sake Farm

Deep into the summer months, it is almost impossible for one to ignore the bounty of fresh and local produce.  Farmer’s markets, farm stands and pick-your-own stops can be found around just about every corner if you have your eyes open for them.  The colors are what pull me in – think bright green basil, purple beans and summer squash so yellow it looks painted!  What better time is there to get our kids and teens excited about trying new fruits and vegetables?

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SMArt Kids Food Math: Local = Fresh + Tasty

Summer is here and it’s a perfect time to enjoy some of the healthy, nutritious, local foods available to us.  Local foods tend to be fresher, are seasonal and taste better.  Here are ten ways to eat locally this summer:

  1. Learn what is in season for your area
  2. Shop at a Farmers Market
  3. Join a CSA (community supported agriculture)
  4. Shop at stores that label food origins
  5. Shop the perimeter of the grocery store
  6. Plant a garden
  7. Visit farm stands or U-picks
  8. Choose restaurants that source locally
  9. Shop at locally-owned food producers (bakeries,
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Healthy Grocery Shopping

At the May 15th SMART KIDS SMA, the SMArt Kids came together to learn about healthy grocery shopping. Here are some great, simple rules to follow as you and your family head out to the supermarket:

  • Be Prepared (have a list and plan recipes for the week)
  • Don’t go hungry (you’ll avoid being tempted by free samples, freshly baked muffins or treats in the check out aisle)
  • Look at labels (remember,
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