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SMArt Kids : Drinks can have a not-so-sweet surprise

The SMArt Kids had a sweet time at our recent May SMA. They enjoyed the expertise of Linda Germaine-Miller, our SMArt Kids Nutritionist, and of Chip Wilder, LICSW, from the Burlington Behavioral Health Department. At a past SMA, Chip introduced the concept of mindfulness to our group, and he reinforced the importance of mindful eating this month. He taught us that mindful eating is remaining aware of and accepting what you are experiencing (sensing,

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Burlington SMArt Kids learn a healthy approach to Halloween treats and sugary drinks

The post-Halloween weeks are upon us, but our SMArt Kids were neither scared by the tricks or, more importantly, will be scared by the treats.  After our recent SMArt Kids session, they are armed with some tips to resist the onslaught of sweet, syrupy and sugary treats. To limit your own trick-or-treater’s sugar intake after Halloween, try these tactics:

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