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Treating Seasonal Allergies in Pregnancy

Spring is in full bloom…time to stock up on tissues!

The sneezing, the stuffy, runny nose, the itchy watery eyes – ugh! As if pregnancy isn’t uncomfortable enough on its own, enjoying the outdoors and those beautiful blossoms come at a price for many women. To make matters worse, nasal congestion and difficulty breathing are already common in pregnancy due to increased blood volume and decreased lung capacity (among other changes).

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Cough & Cold in Pregnancy: Comfort Measures to Comfort Mamas!

While pregnancy certainly brings many joys, there is no denying the discomforts that can accompany it as well: morning sickness, heartburn, constipation and back pain are just a few.

On top of that, pregnant women are susceptible to all the regular germs that get passed around. This reality is a double whammy: not only are you already having a hard time breathing, moving and sleeping, but add a bad cough or cold into the mix and it’s enough to make any pregnant woman want to hibernate right through spring until summer!

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