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Organic, Natural and Everything Else: Decoding the Food Labels

Research on food trends in the United States indicates that Americans have a growing appetite for healthier foods.  According to the Institute of Food Technologists, most consumers believe that limiting processed food is one of the most important components of healthier eating, and natural ingredients rank third on the list of most looked-for items on the ingredient label, after type of fat/oil and sweeteners.

Stroll through any grocery store and you’ll see an ever-increasing number of natural and organic foods,

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Could our food be making us sick?

Three news reports recently caught my eye because they each raise concerns about the safety of many of the foods we eat.  As a Nutritionist, I am usually asked how a food might affect conditions such as diabetes or high cholesterol.  But I wonder how many individuals stop to think about the production, processing or storage of our food, and the long-term impact those things may have on our health.  Perhaps it’s time to make some changes in our diets now,

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