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Flying Doctors of America Mission to Jordan

On June 13, 2014, my medical team with Flying Doctors of America flew from the comforts of our homes to meet in Amman, Jordan. There we began our medical mission to help Syrian refugees. The team included doctors, nurses, dentists, engineers, physical therapists, and other volunteers from all over the United States. We also had a social worker who specializes in post-traumatic stress, since the children had left a war zone.

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Another Family Vacation

It is a long trip to the South Pacific Ocean. I met my son in California, and we then flew to Australia to meet our team. After a night of organizing our medical supplies, we flew from Australia to Guadalcanal in the Solomon Islands, which is near Papua New Guinea.

The city of Guadalcanal has an interesting history, as the United States occupied this area during World War II. We were surprised to find ourselves there with so many older American men,

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My Family Vacation to Ecuador

To most, a week in Ecuador may mean a terrific vacation filled with beaches, spas, zip lining and other tourist attractions.  My trip to Ecuador was also a truly wonderful and memorable experience, but not quite the same as most.  My trip was a “family vacation,” but we certainly were not a typical tourist family. My son, who is an engineer, and I used our time off to volunteer, and in a most unlikely vacation spot.

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