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Recycle Your Contact Lens Waste Today!

Contact lens waste presents a serious and growing environmental challenge. Most contact lens waste is improperly disposed of and ends up flushed in drains, like toilets and sinks, or filtered out with standard recycling to end up in landfills. To put the environmental impact in perspective:

  • Up to 3 billion contacts are flushed in drains and collected in wastewater treatment plants each year, becoming microplastics in our waterways that can harm marine life and enter the human food supply.
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ONE by ONE Contact Lens Recycling Program

Considering or already wearing contact lenses, but concerned about the waste created by blister packs, top foils, and lenses? The Visual Services Department at Atrius Health is proud to announce our participation in the ONE by ONE Contact Lens Recycling Program, an innovative specialty recycling service created by Bausch & Lomb and TerraCycle.

The ONE by ONE Contact Lens Recycling Program is the only contact lens recycling program in the U.S.

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