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SMArt Kids and Fast Food

Given it’s always a busy week before the upcoming holiday and school break, we were excited that so many new and returning SMArt Kids made it to our December 20th SMA at Burlington. In light of the upcoming holidays, Linda, our SMA nutritionist, engaged the SMArt Kids by creating a ‘bean theme’ holiday gift that was not only fun to make but will be nutritious to eat. Remember, beans are a low fat, low cholesterol source of protein rich in minerals and fiber.

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Burlington SMArt Kids: Eating out the SMArt way

Kudos to our Burlington SMArt Kids! Not only did our returning SMArt Kids toil over their individual goals last month, but they also worked hard during our recent ninety-minute session…despite the beautiful seventy-degree weather outside!  With the timely arrival of spring, the SMArt kids are even more motivated to focus on the goal of at least 60 minutes of active play per day.  Consider biking or scooter riding, playing capture the flag with neighbors,

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