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When do your child’s behavioral issues mean something else?

The first months of school inevitably require adjustment for any child; a new teacher, a new classroom dynamic, new rules & expectations and new things to learn – that’s a lot of new all at once for a child to process. But what if the troubles don’t seem to be getting easier, and your child is still having trouble paying attention for long periods of time? How you do know when it is something more serious,

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When your child is struggling in school

It is the first day of Kindergarten.  Your 5-year-old child walks into his or her class with a scrubbed face and new clothes.  You wipe away a tear, remembering the day he or she was born, and smile, thinking, “We did it!  We have made it to Kindergarten!”

The first few weeks go well.  There are some worries about new friends and separation from you, but they are manageable.  The teacher seems to be good,

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