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Asthma Action Plans

Because asthma varies over time (sometimes symptoms are absent, sometimes symptoms are minimal, and at other times, asthma symptoms are bad), asthma action plans are very important.  When a child has an asthma action plan, he or his parents and care givers are able to increase or decrease his treatment based on his symptoms with the guidance of that plan.  Studies indicate that when children with asthma have an asthma action plan, they and their parents are better able to manage the ups and downs of their asthma.

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Lung Function Testing in Children with Asthma

If you have a child with asthma, you probably know that their symptoms can vary for many reasons. One way to help assess your child’s asthma is a lung function test.  A lung function test (spirometry) evaluates how well your lungs work – how much air you can breathe in, how much air you can blow out and how quickly you can do it.  The test consists of breathing into a mouthpiece that is hooked up to a computer. 

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