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Better Care for a Better Life: Laura

When she was pregnant with her first and only child in 1996, Laura developed gestational diabetes. With the help of a special diet prescribed by her doctor, her diabetes went away after her daughter was born. But almost four years to the day after she had her daughter, Laura’s diabetes returned. With a healthy diet, good lifestyle habits, and Metformin, she was able to keep her blood sugar under control. She didn’t need to take insulin regularly.

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Better Care for a Better Life: Rosey

Living in constant pain can be debilitating. Just ask Rosey.

For much of her life, Rosey, who is 77 years old, was an active, independent, self-sufficient woman.

“I bought a 107-year-old, three-family house, and I got up on a ladder and scraped the 14-foot ceilings myself,” Rosey reflects. “In 10 months, I got my whole apartment rehabilitated while I was working full time. I would wake up in the morning,

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Better Care for a Better Life: Erick

While at Disney World for his brother’s wedding in December 2012, Erick noticed that the rides’ seat belts fit snugly around his waist.

With a family history of diabetes and obesity, this was the final push Erick needed. He realized that it was time to take control of his health or face a myriad of health problems later in life.

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Meet Nellie, an HMR® Success Story

For weeks in late 2011, I wondered what exactly I was thinking starting the HMR diet four days before Halloween, a month before Thanksgiving, and two months before Christmas. My family and friends considered me certifiable. My co-workers watched skeptically. My mother supported me unconditionally, all the while consumed with worry. As for me…I thrived, exceeding every expectation I ever had for myself. A year later and over 47 lbs. lighter, HMR has transformed me in more ways than I could have imagined.

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Meet Michelle: “…HMR® was about my whole health.”

“I had always been a sociable person but deep inside I didn’t feel comfortable in social situations.  I didn’t join any events and my life had become dull and boring.  I really didn’t think that any program would be able to help me.”

After many attempts to lose weight, Michelle had lost hope and, for a long time, did not even try anymore.  It wasn’t until Michelle saw her brother in-law’s success with HMR that she thought “there was still hope.”

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Meet Tim, an inspiration for everyone trying to lose weight

Our Facebook fans may remember Tim, a patient at our Chelmsford practice and a participant in The HMR Program for Weight ManagementTM at Harvard Vanguard.  We featured Tim back in August.  At the time, he had lost a total of 117 pounds, just 19 weeks into the program.  We had shown him holding a 50-pound bushel of corn, which weighed less than half of the total weight he had already lost. 

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