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West Roxbury SMArt Kids Welcomes Land’s Sake Farm

Deep into the summer months, it is almost impossible for one to ignore the bounty of fresh and local produce.  Farmer’s markets, farm stands and pick-your-own stops can be found around just about every corner if you have your eyes open for them.  The colors are what pull me in – think bright green basil, purple beans and summer squash so yellow it looks painted!  What better time is there to get our kids and teens excited about trying new fruits and vegetables?

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West Roxbury SMArt Kids: “Rainbow Foods”

Our April SMArt Kids session, which focused on increasing fruit and vegetable consumption, could not have come at a better time, as we move into Spring and the warmer, more bountiful months in New England. 

We all enjoyed learning how to make a tasty and satisfying salad using Romaine lettuce (rich in Vitamin A, C, K and folate), strawberries (rich in Vitamin C), walnuts (filled with protein and Vitamin E) and a light raspberry vinaigrette dressing. 

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West Roxbury SMArt Kids: Sugar, sugar, everywhere

Thanks to the West Roxbury SMArt Kids for coming to our session this month and making it great!  It was nice to have some new faces join the group too.  We all learned a lot from our “sugar cube” activity.  The kids estimated sugar content for different sweet beverages by building towers and pyramids of sugar cubes.  Many families were surprised to learn that even 100% fruit juice is packed with sugar! 

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SMArt Kids: Healthy news from West Roxbury

I am pleased to say we had a very successful first shared medical appointment at the West Roxbury site.  Congratulations to all of our super-star patients and their families for coming, participating, and most importantly – for working so well together to come up with some fabulous ideas about how to be healthy!

Thank you to Fernanda, our nutritionist, for giving the group some excellent education about lipid (cholesterol) levels and how these are affected by the foods that we eat. 

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