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Living Confidently with Food Allergy

If you have been told that your child has a food allergy, it can be overwhelming and you probably have a lot of questions running through your mind about what your child can and cannot eat, what other caregivers should and need to know to keep your child safe, what you do if your child has a food reaction, and what will life look and feel like for your child and your family as you try to adjust to this new reality.

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A supportive approach for children with food allergies

My son was 4 when he had a severe allergic reaction to a chocolate bar with walnuts in it.  Around that time, I was completing my second year of training as a pediatric allergist and was already very interested in how to teach families about managing their children’s food allergies. My wife and I found that the first few months after his reaction were surprisingly difficult.  We were quickly faced with the challenges that so many families face when dealing with food allergies. 

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Summer Camp and Food Allergies

With summer officially here, camp season is also in full swing, and families everywhere are sending their children to summer camp. According to the American Camp Association, more than 11 million children and adults attend summer camps. Camps present wonderful experiences to build self-esteem and self-confidence, develop friendships, and work on social skills in a safe environment.

Children with food allergies have the same emotional and developmental needs as children without food allergies.

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Hosting Holiday Guests with Food Allergies

At this time of year, millions of Americans leave their homes to get together with loved ones for the holidays.  It can be a wonderful time for families and friends, separated by distance and responsibilities, to come together to relax, reminisce and renew.  But it can also be a chaotic time:  extra folding tables and chairs create treacherous obstacle courses through homes already packed with more people than usual, children hopped up on sugar and excitement run around “just being kids,” and hosts cringe as fragile trinkets (and pets) are threatened by the onslaught.

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Back to School with Food Allergies: What the School Community Needs to Know

Close to 56 million American children are now back to school, settling into new routines and starting another year of learning.  As the school year kicks off, both parents and their children are diving head first into the school social scene: playdates are getting scheduled, after school activities are beginning, and the invitations to birthday parties are soon to arrive.  For many, the school community is central to their social life.  The kids get to know each other,

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