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“Race to Nowhere” and The Great Homework Debate

There is a movie being shown under the sponsorship of school parent groups in the suburbs of Boston called Race to Nowhere.   It is about teenagers, but not the teenagers I assumed it was about. When I initially heard the title, I thought it was about the teenagers racing to precociously initiate adult “activities” such as sex, smoking cigarettes, drinking alcohol, etc.  These are the risky behaviors I counsel younger and younger teens about every day in my office.

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Safe Winter Workouts for Kids

The snow banks are getting higher and higher and with no thaw in sight, the chance we will see pavement or grass anytime soon is dim. If your child is not playing a winter sport, the safest way to get in shape for spring sports is going to the gym. Hitting the gym is also a great remedy for “cabin fever” and a great way to maintain a healthy weight for kids who are not engaged in sports.

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