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All About Measles

According to the CDC, from January 1 to February 13, 2015, 141 people from 17 states and Washington DC were reported to have measles. Although there are currently no cases in Massachusetts, there are 6 cases in 4 east coast states and the District of Columbia.

Dr. Ben Kruskal, a pediatrician and Chief of Infectious Disease at Harvard Vanguard Medical Associates, answers some common questions about measles.  Dr. Kruskal was recently on NECN discussing the measles and misinformation about vaccines.

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An Important Back-to-School To-Do

Back-to-school time is officially upon us.  It can be a busy time – updating the calendar with lots of events, buying additional  school supplies, filling out forms, figuring out new schedules – but it’s important to add one more item to your to-do list: making sure your kids are up to date on their vaccines.

Getting children all of the vaccines recommended by CDC’s immunization schedule is one of the most important things parents can do to protect their children’s health – and that of classmates and the community. 

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Being Prepared if Flu Strikes

This year’s severe flu season is hitting early and hitting hard!  At this time last year (a mild flu illness year) there were only 126 reported cases of the flu in Massachusetts, while this year more than 3,500 cases have already been reported.

Getting a flu shot is one way to help you avoid this outbreak.  The flu vaccine reduces your odds of getting the flu by 50 – 70%.  So,

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How safe are “natural” or complementary and alternative treatments?

Complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) is a label applied to a broad range of treatments that are felt to be outside the scope of conventional or Western medicine.  Some examples of CAM are:

  • Herbal remedies, vitamins, minerals, and “natural” products – many of which are sold as over-the-counter dietary supplements
  • Chiropractic manipulation
  • Acupuncture

More than one-third of the adults and 20–40% of children in the United States have reported using CAM.  

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Frequently Asked Questions about Vaccines

In pediatricians’ offices all around the country, just like everywhere else, it is once again the time each year when we see children and families getting ready for school: having their well-visit and annual check-ups if it’s been a year or more since the last one, and of course, enquiring about flu vaccines – not just for children but for the entire family – and vaccinations in general.  Below, I’ve answered several questions I get asked quite often. 

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