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Fruits and Veggies in a Mason Jar

The 2014 Sochi Olympic athletes aren’t the only ones who deserved medals in February – our SMArt Kids are proving to be worthy contenders themselves. Despite a long winter, they are as motivated as ever to make healthy choices and work on their SMArt Kids’ goals.

Given the doldrums of winter, we decided to brighten things up a bit at our recent SMA.  This meant an entire session devoted to fruits and veggies!

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SMArt Kids Stay Active All Year Long

At this month’s SMArt Kids Shared Medical Appointment, we focused on the importance of sixty minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activity per day.  Sounds like a big undertaking, but with the help of Kelley Allardi PT, one of our physical therapists at Burlington, we learned it is easy to fit it all in.  The reality is that you don’t need a lot of “time” or equipment as long as you are motivated and creative.

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Happy Holidays from the SMArt Kids!

Despite the snow, traffic and lure of holiday shopping, our SMArt Kids were able to join together on December 17th, the last SMA of 2013! Linda Germaine-Miller, our SMArt Kids nutritionist, introduced a festive yet healthy snowman snack. The “snowmen” were delicious and adorable. Rightfully so, the SMArt kids took pride in their snowy creations. Try this at home on the next snowy day or bring as a dish to a holiday party.

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What’s for Lunch?

For the first time in 15 years, the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) has issued new regulations that should improve nutrition in school lunches. Although these regulations ensure that our kids are eating healthier at lunch than in the past, the SMArt kids and their families learned at this month’s SMArt Kids shared medical appointment (SMA) that there is more we can and should do.

This point especially came to light when we reviewed various local school lunch menus.

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Breakfast Does the Body Good!

Now that school, sports and activities are in full swing, a healthy breakfast is more important than ever.

At this month’s SMArt kids shared medical appointment, we highlighted the need for a daily, healthy breakfast. The general consensus in the medical community is that children should eat breakfast every day. The old adage does hold true: breakfast really is the most important meal of the day. Studies have shown that children who eat breakfast actually perform better in school.

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Welcome Back, SMArt Kids!

At our recent September SMA, which kicked off our fourth SMArt kids series, we had many new SMArt Kids plus a great showing of recent graduates. The returning patients reported on their summer successes and did a stellar job showing our new participants the ropes. We reviewed our SMArt Kids objectives for 2013-14:

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The SMArt Kids are Heading into Summer!

Congratulations to all of the SMArt Kids for their great work this school year!  Every participant was successful in losing weight, and we are so proud of each parent’s and child’s dedication to our program.

SMArt Kids is winding down for the summer, but we know the SMArt Kids will continue to work on their goals all summer long.  We hope some of them will join us again in September when we kick off a new session with many new faces.

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SMArt Kids : Drinks can have a not-so-sweet surprise

The SMArt Kids had a sweet time at our recent May SMA. They enjoyed the expertise of Linda Germaine-Miller, our SMArt Kids Nutritionist, and of Chip Wilder, LICSW, from the Burlington Behavioral Health Department. At a past SMA, Chip introduced the concept of mindfulness to our group, and he reinforced the importance of mindful eating this month. He taught us that mindful eating is remaining aware of and accepting what you are experiencing (sensing,

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April Showers Bring May Flowers…and Fruits and Veggies, too!

Now that spring is here, it’s a perfect time to enjoy some of the healthy and nutritious local foods available to us.  Local foods tend to be fresher, are seasonal and taste better!

At April’s SMArt Kids’ SMA in Burlington, we were joined by Wright-Locke Farm’s Farm Educator, Rebekah Carter. She taught SMArt kid and parent alike the importance of eating locally.

We learned that a typical grocery store tomato hails from Mexico and travels about 3,000 miles before it arrives at your local store. 

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SMArt Kids Practice Mindful Eating

The SMArt Kids convened for our March SMA to learn about mindfulness and its importance in regard to eating healthy.  We were fortunate to be joined by our Harvard Vanguard Burlington Behavioral Health colleague, Chip Wilder. Chip taught the group about mindfulness and even led the group in a mindfulness exercise.  (See below for exercises you can try with your children at home.)

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