We Ask Because We Care

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Silhouette drawings of diverse peopleAt Atrius Health, our mission is to provide the right care with kindness and compassion every day for every person we serve. In order to better fulfill our promise to “provide the right care,” we began to routinely request information on gender and sexual orientation in late 2019.  We are now pleased to announce that starting March 7, 2023 we will be inviting our patients to share more details about their race, ethnicity and language through their MyHealth Online account.

People’s health can be impacted by their racial or ethnic background as well as the languages they speak. By gathering more of this information, we can:

While we ask because we want to improve the care we provide all of our patients, we respect your choice to answer each question; providing additional information about your race, ethnicity and language is completely voluntary.

Your information is kept private and is used to help us improve our care. For example, being able to identify different patient ethnic groups allows us to compare health outcomes across groups. If we see disparities between groups, we can make changes to our services or programs to help ensure our care is fair and equitable for our patients. Further, by knowing more information about our patients, we can better anticipate their needs, such as offering programs that address an important health concern for a specific population or provide information in specific languages.

Although your individual identifying information is never given to anyone, Atrius Health, like all health care providers, complies with state and federal regulations and provides overview data on the patients we care for in order to help improve care overall at the state and federal levels.

To confirm or update your information beginning on March 7, please log into your MyHealth Online account. From the main menu, under “Account Settings,” select “Personal Information” and edit any information you choose to in the section called “Details About Me.” Don’t have a MyHealth account? Sign up Today!


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