The Gift of Getting Enough Sleep During the Holidays

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We are all working so hard this time of the year to get everything done on time for the holidays. Trying to squeeze in holiday commitments like shopping, cooking, late-night events, or attending to the never-ending to-do list, can all add up. The pressure of making the holidays special can certainly throw a wrench in our sleep routine.

So, what is it that has us not sleeping well during this joyous time of the year?

Ways that the Holidays Mess with Our Sleep

Tips for Getting Good Sleep During the Holidays

Adapting “good sleep hygiene” is one of the best stress management techniques to keep us from entering the spiral of exhaustion created by a lack of sleep combined with your daily stress.

Mobile Sleep Apps

Interested in more resources to improve your sleep quality?  Here are some app recommendations for you:

The bottom line is to control what you can, don’t overextend yourself, and try to enjoy the spirit of the holiday season by spending time with those who are special to you.

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