Health Equity Hackathon Engages Community and Inspires Actionable Solutions

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November 12-14, Atrius Health, MIT Hacking Racism, and Race to Better Health (RBH) hosted the Engineering Health Equity Hackathon to innovate multi-disciplinary and actionable solutions to health disparities within Atrius Health’s patient population as well as the broader healthcare community.

The hackathon brought together individuals from all backgrounds, including healthcare providers, data scientists, entrepreneurs, and health policy, management, and HR professionals.

Leaders from the three collaborating organizations kicked off the hackathon on Friday, including Atrius Health’s Chief Medical Officer, Joe Kimura, MD, MPH, and CEO and President Steve Strongwater, MD.

Dr. Strongwater emboldened participants by saying their “passions, skillsets, and personal experiences” will help transform healthcare in this “pivotal and powerful moment.”

Keynote speaker Jesse Yang, MD, MPH, Medical Director of Specialty Population Health Management and a practicing cardiologist at Atrius Health, underscored the importance of collaboration: “Equity is not one person’s job… it is everyone’s job.”

In another inspirational moment, keynote speaker Darrell M. Gray II, MD, Chief Health Equity Officer at Anthem, shared what drives his work in health equity: “Do the thing that makes you come alive to impact the issue that breaks your heart,” he said.

Throughout the weekend, participants all worked hard to develop solutions. Participants exchanged ideas with mentors, whose expertise helped guide their solutions. An esteemed panel of judges voted on the final pitches. As lead sponsor, Atrius Health awarded $1,500 to the winning teams in each of the event’s four focus areas:

Diversification of Clinical Workforce

DiveOps An app that amplifies diverse voices in clinical second opinions by matching patients to doctors based on patients’ specific problems and racial and socioeconomic backgrounds.

Improving Outcomes in Women’s Health and Pregnancy

EpiBlocks An app that alerts women of reproductive age undergoing epilepsy treatment to review their medications before making the decision to become pregnant.

Expanding Access and Adoption of Preventive Care

Natalizers Early diagnosis of COPD in rural women through audio-visual cough analysis and cough sound processing algorithm.

Improving Communication of Social Determinants of Health to Providers

TEENhealth A co-designed mental health app designed by teens from underserved communities.

Spora Health and Medically Home awarded two additional special prizes:

Spora Health: WeMonitor

Offline/online community hubs for pregnant women to get screen testing done in the local community.

Medically Home: Native Health Connection

Culturally informed social determinants of health model that understands patient behavior.

We thank all of our supporters, employees, patients, and community members for their important contributions to health equity!

You can watch the full kickoff event here.

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