Introducing the COVID-19 SMART Health Card: Online Proof of Vaccination

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As some retail, entertainment and travel destinations are beginning to require customers to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 (or show a negative COVID-19 test), having a safe and portable way to show proof of vaccination is becoming increasingly important.

Atrius Health is pleased to announce the COVID-19 “SMART Health Card,” which allows for a digital or printable version of your COVID-19 vaccination or testing information. Patients can now access a copy of their COVID-19 record and easily share their vaccination and testing information with others by using a QR code on their mobile device or printing a copy from their medical record. As a patient of Atrius Health, you can access your COVID-19 SMART Health Card through your MyHealth Online account, or one of our staff can print a COVID-19 QR code for you by contacting our COVID Resource Center.

Here’s how you can access your COVID-19 SMART Health Card on MyHealth Online/MyChart App:

  1. Log into your MyHealth Online account, and from the Menu, select COVID-19 under My Record.
  2. In the COVID-19 section, you can view both your vaccination and testing information as well as Helpful Resources about COVID-19.
  3. At the bottom, you will also be offered the option to click the QR code button to view the COVID-19 QR Code or click the Download/Export button to download a PDF version and print it out.

screen shots to get a qr code


If for some reason we do not have your vaccination record in our system, you will receive a “Not seeing your vaccine?” message. Click the Update button to check the state registries for your information. If there is a match, you will receive a message asking you to confirm that the vaccine details found match the information on your COVID-19 vaccine card.

Find Your Record prompt

If the system cannot find an update from state registries, you will receive a “We didn’t get an update from state registries” message, and you will be allowed to manually enter your vaccine details by clicking the “Enter vaccine details” button.

No Record Found

A COVID-19 Vaccination Information form will appear for you to complete. Please note: you will also need to upload a photo of your COVID-19 vaccine card as proof of vaccination. After you submit the form, our staff will reconcile your COVID-19 vaccine status by verifying the information you entered against the photo of the vaccine card you uploaded. Once we have reconciled the information (it can take about 3-5 business days), we will reply to you with a confirmation, and you will then have immediate access in MyHealth to your COVID-19 Smart Card.

We hope you find this new MyHealth Online feature helpful when you need to show proof of vaccination.

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