Video Visits: Join from Your Desktop Computer or Mobile Device

| Posted On Apr 05, 2021 | By:

On April 10, 2021, you’ll see a lot of exciting new changes in MyHealth Online. Our patient portal will have an improved layout and new features to help you find what’s most important to you. In addition to seeing the notes your Atrius Health provider recorded at your visit, you’ll also start to see more test results, often at the same time as your provider receives them.

We are particularly excited to let you know that we are also changing how you can experience a video visit with us. We listened to your feedback about video visits and are pleased to share that starting April 10th, you can also connect with a provider virtually through your MyHealth Online account on your desktop computer as well as on your mobile device.

Here’s how it works: To participate in a virtual video visit on your desktop computer, make sure you have a working camera, microphone, speaker or headphones, and your PC has a strong internet connection. Please read more tips to ensure you have the best video visit experience.

On the day of your video visit appointment, log in to your MyHealth Online account from your desktop computer or your mobile device. You should see the appointment listed on the main page of your MyHealth account, or you can also select the appointment by going to the Visit section and opening the details for that specific appointment. Click on the green “Begin Visit” button, which will take you to the appointment details.

In the appointment details, the “Begin Video Visit” link will change from gray to green (usually within 10 minutes of the start of your appointment) to signal that you can click on it to launch your video connection. Your appointment will begin once your doctor joins you – that’s it!

We hope the opportunity of conducting a video visit on your desktop is a useful and convenient way for you to receive the care you need. Please visit our website to learn more about video visits.

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