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In order to make your check-in process easier, better promote safety and social distancing, and get you to your appointment faster, we are pleased to offer our patients a new eCheck-in process. If you have a MyHealth Online account and also have access to it on your mobile device through the MyChart Mobile App, you can now check in online, answer a few questions and pay your copay, and you’ll be all set for your appointment!

How to Use eCheck-in for Your Appointment:

Before Your Appointment

You can complete the pre-check in process up to 3 days before your appointment. To do that, please follow these easy steps:

Step #1. Log into your MyHealth Online account on your desktop computer or through the MyChart Mobile App on your phone.

Step #2. Select Visits” if you’re on a desktop computer or “Appointments” if viewing through the MyChart mobile app and find your upcoming appointment.

Step #3. Click on the Pre-Visit Update link and confirm we have current information about you and your insurance, medications, and any allergies. Make sure to check “This information is correct” at the end of each step to proceed to the next.

first screens of pre-visit update

Step #4. You will also be able to electronically sign any needed forms and pay any copays online. Please note that if you check “Pay copay and outstanding balances later” you will need to stop at the check-in desk before your appointment.

pay copays and sign documents online

Step #5. After you’ve completed all the sections in the Pre-Visit Update, hit Submit. You know you’ve completed all the steps of the Pre-Visit Update when you see the following screen.

successful submit screen for pre-visit update

When You Arrive for Your Appointment

Step #1. Log into your account on the MyChart Mobile App and select the “I’m Here” prompt which will display on the home screen within 30 minutes before your appointment time. Want to set up geolocation services to receive a push notification when you’re close by? Complete a few simple steps in the MyChart mobile app. Note: If the geolocation doesn’t work for you, please manually log into your MyChart mobile app and select “I’m Here.”

eCheckin arrival "I'm here"

Step #2. If you successfully completed the Pre-Visit Update before you arrived for your appointment, the system will display the green welcome message (left, image 1). If you didn’t have a chance to start or couldn’t fully finish the Pre-Visit Update, the system will prompt you to complete it at this time. If you are able to successfully complete it, you will see the green check (center, image 2), but if we need you to stop by the registration desk to provide additional information before heading to the department, you will see the blue arrow (right, image 3).

eCheckin completion screens

Step #3. VERY IMPORTANT: even if you completed the Same Day Symptom Screener earlier (via an email or text prompt), you should review it for completion AFTER you finish your eCheck-in process. In that way, both your eCheck-in arrival and your symptom screener result will show on the same screen. Please go to the home screen and select “Same Day Symptom Checker.” If the screener was successfully completed, you will just need to acknowledge the Terms and Conditions and hit Accept. If you have not yet completed your screener, you will be prompted to answer 3 short screening questions at this time.

online symptom checker

Step #4. When you are done with the Symptom Screener and if both your eCheck-in and symptom screening process were successful, you should see a green check mark* with a line of text that states “Appointment Status: Arrived.” This final screen indicates you have done all of the steps necessary to complete the e-Check-in process. Leave the screen visible on your mobile device or take a screen shot of it for easy reference.

successful arrival screen

Step #5. Upon entering the building, please show this check mark screen to the greeter or check-in staff, and you will be directed from there.


* PLEASE NOTE: If you see an orange phone symbol after completing these steps, please call the department before entering the practice, and you will be given further instructions. Thank you.


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