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Ear, Nose and Throat Care in the Age of COVID-19

Some people might think that the “age of COVID” greatly limits the job of an Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) clinician. Granted, the nature of our specialty usually requires us to get close and look into pretty small spaces like ear canals and nostrils. But as we have all learned from our new world of stay-at-home work and virtual connections, technology has made many things possible.

Our state’s re-opening guidelines currently allow us to provide in-person care,

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Dr. Steve Strongwater Discusses Importance of Primary Care During Senate Listening Session on COVID-19 Reopening

Dr. Steve Strongwater, President & CEO of Atrius Health, recently participated in a Senate listening session about COVID-19 and reopening from a provider’s perspective. The discussion was hosted by Senator Cindy Friedman, Chair of the state’s Senate Committee on Healthcare Finance along with Senators Jo Comerford and Adam Hinds. In addition to Dr. Strongwater, other panelists included Dr. David Rosman, President of the Massachusetts Medical Society, and Donna Kelly-Williams, RN, President of the Massachusetts Nurses Association.

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A Cautious Take on the Popular Keto Diet

You may have heard about the ketogenic, or “keto,” diet. Some people liken it to the Atkins diet of the past given both are low-carb diets. The keto diet is quite different from Atkins, however,  as it does not emphasize high consumption of protein. Instead, the keto diet is extremely low-carb, moderate in protein, and very high in fat. It is designed to put the body into a state called ketosis. Normally, your body runs on blood glucose (sugar) for energy;

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