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Care. About You.We are excited to share that MyHealth users can now request to be notified if an earlier appointment becomes available.  This new MyHealth feature, called “Wait List Fast Pass,” is available from many Atrius Health departments and can be viewed both on the desktop version of MyHealth as well as through the mobile app (found under “MyChart” in your app store). Don’t miss out on this great new MyHealth feature – already more than 11,000 wait list offers have been accepted by Atrius Health patients since we went live with this functionality!

It’s easy to add your name to the Wait List for an appointment:

  1. Log into your MyHealth account and select “Schedule an appointment” from the Quick Links on the right-hand side.
  2. Make your choices as to the type of appointment you need, the location or provider, select a date & time, and then schedule your appointment.
  3. The final screen will show you the Appointment Details. If a wait list option is available for your particular appointment type, you will see a link in the middle that says “Get on the Wait List.” When you click the link, you will automatically be added to that provider’s wait list.

shows link to get on a MyHealth appointment wait list

If an earlier appointment becomes available, you will receive an email alert with an offer for a new appointment. Make sure you ACT FAST on any wait list offer you receive.  Offers expire and other people are receiving the same offer as you so it’s first come, first serve!

To view a wait list offer, we recommend you log into your MyHealth account immediately upon notification. On your MyHealth homepage you will see the below notice, showing you the current date and time for your appointment as well as the available earlier time. If the new earlier time works for you, just click the green, “Accept New Time” button at the bottom, and you’re all set!  If you do not take action on a new appointment offer, you will keep your original appointment, remain on the wait list, and be notified in the future if additional appointment times become available.

shows how to accept a new appointment time in MyHealth

You may also be able to request to be added to the wait list for future appointments you have already scheduled. After you have logged into your MyHealth account, select “Visits” and then “Appointments and Visits” from the top menu bar. The system will show you any appointments that you have, and you can click on an appointment to display its details.  If your appointment is eligible for a wait list, you will see the “Get on the Wait List” link.

In the MyHealth mobile app, just select “Appointments” and see if your appointment detail includes a link to “Get on Wait List.”

Wait list notices on MyHealth mobile

If you don’t have a MyHealth Online account, sign up today to enjoy the convenience of wait list offers and much more!

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