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On Thursday, November 7, 2019, several members of the Atrius Health family were honored with Clinical Distinction Awards. These awards recognize staff that have made contributions in areas such as teaching and clinical innovation and have become role models for other staff. Congratulations to all of the award winners.

Paul Solomon Peer Recognition Award – Thomas Furth, MD

Thomas Furth, MD

Dr. Furth has practiced as a pediatrician at the Medford practice for more than 35 years and is seen as a leader of the practice and as a mentor within the practice. Dr. Furth has worked with many medical students from both Harvard and Tufts programs, and has also graciously served as a mentor to many of his colleagues. In addition to his tireless dedication to his local practice, Dr. Furth travels annually to Honduras with the medical team from the humanitarian organization Cape Cares to provide pediatric care to children of all ages. His colleague who nominated him for this award noted, “In an age of innovation and modern technology, he remains a true clinician who relies on his clinical acumen, physical exam skills, and natural rapport with patients to care for his patients.”

Paul Solomon Peer Recognition Award – Rebecca Schwartz, MD

Rebecca Schwartz, MD
Dr. Schwartz, chair of our ancillaries service line, has been a force of nature for our practice. She has been recognized for this award by a primary care colleague who called out her dedication for always being a resource for the fellow clinicians. Dr. Schwartz made it a goal to make ordering radiology exams easier for clinicians, and she has gone above and beyond in her effort. In all of her efforts to improve her department’s processes, she starts with first asking clinicians how she can make the services better. She has led by example and inspired other radiologists to do the same, leading to a more responsive department that truly embodies a service line in the service of all clinicians and our practice. In her nomination, a colleague tipped his hat to Dr. Schwartz and said that “making even one section of our lives easier helps to increase our Joy in Medicine.”

Arlene Kelley, APRN

Paul Solomon Peer Recognition Award – Arlene Kelley, APRN

(Arlene was unable to attend the Clinician Community Celebration.)

Arlene is a nurse practitioner who has been with our practice for decades.  For years, she was a part of the CHF program at Kenmore, and for the past five years, she has been the cardiology nurse practitioner at Weymouth – Libbey Parkway. Arlene is indispensable for both her patients and colleagues alike. For her patients, she inspires success by providing encouragement and education. For her colleagues, she provides immeasurable support in hospital follow up and cross coverage. Arlene is seen as an excellent leader who is always willing to take the time to educate and help her more junior and less experienced colleagues learn the ropes. Her colleague noted that Arlene “is an example of how much fun work can be – when you are working with her, you feel that you are effortlessly accomplishing your tasks!”

Robert H. Ebert, MD Excellence in Teaching Award – Jasmin Bhathena, MD

asmin Bhathena, MD
Dr. Bhathena was nominated by her colleagues for establishing the Tufts Core Clerkship in Pediatrics at Atrius Health. For the past three years, this program has allowed third – year medical students from Tufts Medical School to complete the 6-week block of pediatrics education entirely in the ambulatory setting. Dr. Bhathena has worked tirelessly to recruit primary and specialty care faculty, and next year, we will welcome 16 students working with 34 providers across eight Atrius Health pediatric practices. In addition to building the clerkship program, Dr. Bhathena is recognized by both students and colleagues as an incredible preceptor and received the “outstanding teacher” award from Tufts. Dr. Bhathena is known for her positive and encouraging nature, serving as an excellent role model and teacher. She is also greatly appreciated by other faculty for sharing her wisdom and positivity.

Robert H. Ebert, MD Excellence in Teaching Award – James Donovan, PhD

James Donovan, PhD
Since 1980, Dr. Donovan has built a fellowship that has broken new ground in multi-disciplinary training that allows postgraduate fellows to work in an integrated medical context. Over the past 40 years, nearly 400 fellows have graduated from the program. Dr. Donovan’s commitment to education and training exemplifies the Atrius Health mission. He challenges therapists to develop skills that will allow them to integrate the Atrius Health values into their careers, providing high quality patient care, informed by compassion and empathy. In his nomination, his colleagues describe him as “an amazing mentor and teacher, pushing [his fellows] to work with challenging patients and learn from them, and to understand how best to use innate clinical skills as a therapeutic advantage.”

Clinical Team Innovation Award

POS IM pod jams team

The Post Office Square team set out to solve some simple problems that many of us face in our practices: schedules were not being efficiently used, clinicians were not prepped for visits, and the team was not working efficiently together. POS Pod Jam (as it came to be called) brings a team-based approach to addressing these issues. More than just a huddle, the Pod Jam reimagines the space the team works in and puts the medical assistants in the driver’s seat, scrubbing schedules and preparing for patient visits. As a result, the POS team has seen measurable improvement in access and schedule management, as well as increased satisfaction of clinicians, staff, and patients.

Trustees’ Award of Distinction – Jane Connor, RN

Jane Connor, RN
Jane has dedicated most of her career to Atrius Health, having been with us since 1995. As a leader among leaders in our practice, Jane has filled numerous positions across the organization, currently serving as our associate chief nursing officer. Throughout her tenure, she is known for building departments and programs and has courageously stepped in repeatedly to help lead departments through conflict and change. Jane leads with her values and anchors her work on the mission of our practice.  As many who have seen her in action know, Jane has a great balance between firm leadership, sensitivity, and caring. As Jane’s colleagues noted in her nomination, “There are few people who can stand in the spaces Jane stands in.”

Trustees’ Award of Distinction – John Ingard, MD

John Ingard, MD
Dr. Ingard has been a devoted PCP at Atrius Health for over three and half decades, starting with our practice in 1983. Not only has he served his patients as a PCP, he has served as a leader of the organization in so many capacities, including a long time chief of the IM Wellesley practice. In his role as chief, Dr. Ingard expected and maintained a very high standard of medical practice.  As the needs of the patients changed over time, he helped lead his department to adapt. Dr. Ingard is also a cultural leader who sets a very collaborative tone with his colleagues. His decades of strong consistent advocacy for transparency across all central administrative processes have helped him build enduring collaborative relationships between the administrative departments and clinical sites. As a result, he makes an effort to be sure that every member of the practice feels valued, supported, and connected to the larger organization.

Trustees’ Award of Distinction – Dixie Mills, MD

Dixie Mills, MD
Dr. Mills has transformed the way that breast cancer is treated at Atrius Health. When she joined the practice in 2011, she realized that breast surgery could not be practiced in isolation.  She forged and strengthened the connections between surgery, oncology, women’s imaging, pathology, genetics, nursing, and radiation oncology to transform how we provide and coordinate care for women with breast cancer. In addition to solidifying a multidisciplinary approach to breast cancer treatment, Dr. Mills oversaw the development of the breast cancer navigation program. Dixie is known not only for being a technically outstanding surgeon, but her patients have repeatedly expressed how much they value her empathy and kindness, and her colleagues value her commitments to teaching and mentorship.

Jeffery Garber, MD

Trustees’ Award of Distinction – Jeffrey Garber, MD

(Dr. Garber was unable to attend the Clinician Community Celebration.) Dr. Garber founded the endocrinology department at Harvard Vanguard in 1981 and served as chief throughout his tenure.  Dr. Garber is highly regarded by his clinical colleagues not only here at Atrius Health but across the nation for his leadership in endocrinology. The department clinicians and staff credit his leadership for creating a department where all members have the opportunity to take part in solving problems. He has created a culture of camaraderie and support, where physicians, RNs, and MAs work well together and are highly dedicated to the well-being of our patients. Dr. Garber is also known as a prolific educator, researcher, and policy advocate.  He has mentored more than 40 clinical fellows – providing the trifecta of clinical, research, and professional mentorship. Dr. Garber’s accomplishments represent a lifetime of service, achievement, and outstanding leadership that has led to the improvement of endocrine care at Atrius Health and beyond.

Lifetime Achievement Award – Susan Pauker, MD

Susan Pauker, MD
Dr. Pauker has been with this organization for 45 years, joining Harvard Community Health Plan after her residency in 1975. She was drawn towards this organization because of Dean Ebert’s philosophy of practice that combined teaching, research, and community service. These three core values have driven Dr. Pauker and her accomplishments since she joined our practice and will be part of her lasting impact as well.

First and foremost, Dr. Pauker is known as a consummate clinician and educator. Having cared for generations of our smallest and most fragile patients, she has provided high-quality, coordinated genetics care through the use of appropriate genetic testing that ha s helped to prevent birth anomalies and genetic disease across three generations of patients. Dr. Pauker has also devoted a generous amount of her career to helping educate future clinicians and peers.

Secondly, Dr. Pauker has been a clinical and public health leader ever since she joined the practice.  She was elected chief after her first year with our practice and has the distinguished honor of being one of our longest-serving chiefs at Atrius Health. Dr. Pauker also served as President of the HCHP Foundation for 14 years. During her tenure, the Foundation stewarded multiple community-based programs seeking to reduce domestic violence, reduce scald burns in toddlers, reduce new cases of AIDS in teens, and programs to help parents talk to their kids about sexual health.

Dr. Pauker has made extraordinary contributions to our community.  She has volunteered in various local schools, the Museum of Science, and has been involved in fund-raising for Roxbury Comprehensive Community Health Center, Dimock Health Center and March of Dimes. Nationally, she has worked on efforts to promote education on human genetics and the prevention of AIDS and violence.

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