Atrius Health Endorses “Yes on 3” Ballot Question Campaign

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Atrius Health was among more than 50 business leaders and organizations in the state to recently endorse the “Yes on 3” ballot question campaign. The bi-partisan coalition is seeking to uphold the state’s transgender non-discrimination law on the ballot this November. The group is governed by Freedom for All Massachusetts, the official ballot committee.

In 2016, the Massachusetts legislature passed – with a bipartisan, supermajority vote – historic non-discrimination protections for transgender people in public places such as restaurants, shops, and medical offices in Massachusetts. Governor Charlie Baker signed the bill into law in July of 2016. Shortly after it went into effect, opponents of the law gathered the minimum number of signatures required to place the law on the ballot for repeal in November of 2018. Repeal of the law will put Massachusetts at risk of following the path of North Carolina, which lost thousands of new jobs and hundreds of millions in the economy when an anti-transgender law passed.

Pictured are representatives from the business committee and organizations who recently gathered as part of the “Yes on 3” ballot question coalition meeting.

“Massachusetts has long led the country on matters of equality and civil rights that ensure equal protection under the law for our patients, employees, and all residents of the state,” said Dr. Steve Strongwater, President and CEO of Atrius Health.  “We are honored to join leading associations, major employers, and others in support of the ‘Yes on 3’ campaign to support equal treatment for all.”

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