Atrius Health Celebrates National Nurses Week 2018

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Atrius Health Nurses celebrate National Nurses Week

Chief Nursing Officer Jennifer Derkazarian, DNP, RN, ANP-BC shared this message with the Atrius Health nursing staff:

National Nurses Week begins each year on May 6 and ends on May 12, Florence Nightingale’s birthday. Atrius Health nurses shine and our patients experience extraordinary care delivered with kindness and compassion. The theme for Nurses Week 2018 is to Inspire, Innovate, and Influence. I believe this aligns perfectly with our mission as nurses at Atrius Health.

In my vision for the coming year, we will feel inspired and energized to focus, re-build, and solidify the basics of nursing practice and care delivery. We will innovate new and different ways to provide the best care to our patients. Together we will influence care plans and decisions. We will influence daily decisions, strategic direction, and our care teams in a way that will streamline care, bring joy to our day, and serenity and healing to our patients. We will influence the journey to an unparalleled quality of care in a safe and reliable environment across the continuum from home to our practice sites.

Atrius Health is a national leader in ambulatory care nursing practice. You are national leaders and you have been working in this space longer than most anyone and I am so proud of the work you do. I look forward to supporting your nursing practice, offering you ways to find inspiration, and watching you inspire others. I look forward to seeing your innovations and daily improvement to care. And as for your influence? I see evidence of this every day and it is powerful. I am humbled and honored to witness such collaboration and support for one another in the care teams. You influence me every day and my hope is that you continue to feel empowered in your work of transforming and improving the lives of our patients.

You are trusted, you are caring, you are powerful, and I am so proud to serve you! Take some time to celebrate yourselves this week, and always!

On behalf of our nursing and senior leadership, I would like to congratulate the following nurses who were honored in the annual Boston Globe “Salute to Nurses” for their outstanding patient care:

Kathy Boyd, RN, Harvard Vanguard Medford
Araselis Castillo, RN, Harvard Vanguard Braintree
Cindy Cunningham, NP, Harvard Vanguard Medford
Ann Curran, NP, Harvard Vanguard Quincy
Danielle Fiore, RN, Harvard Vanguard Chelmsford
Eileen Forest, RN, Harvard Vanguard Watertown
Julie Genovese, VNA Care Network
Arlene Kelley, NP, Atrius Health Cardiovascular Center
Sarah Paez, NP, Weymouth, Libbey Parkway
Susan Parenti, VNA Care Network
Sharon Pease, RN, Harvard Vanguard Burlington
Catherine Phillips, RN, Harvard Vanguard Braintree
Ellen Pothier, RN, Dedham Medical Norwood
Elizabeth Reddy, RN, Harvard Vanguard Chelmsford
Nathan Samuels, DNP, Harvard Vanguard Beverly
Marita Tympanick, RN, Dedham Medical Norwood
Amie Webb, LPN, Harvard Vanguard Concord
Kayleigh Withington, RN, Harvard Vanguard Kenmore

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