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MyHealth Online Bill PayDid you know that in addition to the convenience of communicating with your care team’s office, making appointments and viewing test results, you can also use MyHealth Online to complete many billing related functions?

By clicking on the Billing tab in your MyHealth Online account you can verify your balance due at any time, view and print billing statements, view and print a list of past payments, and make a payment that is posted to your account immediately.

You can also save time and trees by signing up for paperless billing! All you have to do is:

When you sign up for paperless statements, you will receive a MyHealth email notification when your statement is available in MyHealth.

Here are some helpful FAQs to help you take full advantage of online bill pay and paperless billing:

How will I know my latest billing statement is ready for viewing in MyHealth?

A MyHealth notification will be sent to your email on record to let you know your statement is posted in MyHealth and ready for your review and payment. Please be sure to keep your email updated in MyHealth to receive all notifications.

Can I print my billing statements?

Yes, billing statements can be downloaded to your computer and printed on your printer.

Can I see my prior billing statements on MyHealth?

Yes, you can see billing statements for the prior 12 months, up to 30 billing statements. These are all downloadable and printable from MyHealth. For statements beyond the prior 12 months, please call our Patient Billing Center at 1-800-898-7890 to request a copy.

Can I see my payment history?

Yes, you can see the last 50 payments made on your account and the form of payment (cash, check, or credit card). This payment history is also printable from MyHealth.

Can I pay my bill in MyHealth and is there a fee?

Yes, you can pay your bill in MyHealth and there is no fee.

Is my personal information secure?

All of your personal information is password protected and secure.

Can I sign up for paperless billing for my child/family member who is a patient or for a person I am legal guardian for who is a patient?

Yes, you can sign up for paperless billing if you yourself are a current Atrius Health patient and are also guarantor of that child/person’s billing account.

What if I decide after opting into paperless billing that I want to go back to getting paper statements in the mail?

You can cancel paperless billing at any time. Simply sign into your MyHealth Online account and:

Does the MyChart (MyHealth) mobile app include all the same billing functionality as the MyHealth website version (

Yes. The MyChart app provides the same overall billing functionality as the website.

I don’t get the billing statements for my care at Atrius Health – will I be able to see/pay those bills now in MyHealth?

No. Only the person listed as the guarantor on the billing account will be able to see/pay bills in MyHealth.

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