Atrius Health Testifies on Provider Price Variation

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Dr. Steven Strongwater, Atrius Health President & CEO, testified last week at the Massachusetts State House before Senator James Welch and Representative Jeffrey Sanchez, co-chairs of the Joint Committee on Health Care Financing, who also chair the state’s Provider Price Variation Commission.  Atrius Health was among a number of groups testifying at last week’s hearing including representatives from the Massachusetts Medical Society, union and consumer groups, and community hospitals.  The Commission is slated to release its final report and recommendations on March 15th.

Dr. Strongwater pointed out that the Commission’s focus on unwarranted price variation should be on hospital prices rather than physician prices for two primary reasons:

In his comments, Dr. Strongwater also pointed out a number of suggestions that the state should consider to address rising health care costs and provider price variation including the following:

Dr. Strongwater concluded his remarks by thanking Chairmen Welch and Sanchez on the Commission’s work and offered to serve as a resource.

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