Caring for Your Newborn

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caring for newbornExpecting your first child? While your list of baby names may be short, your to do list certainly is not. It seems as if there are a million things you need (how can someone so small need so much stuff!), from diapers to portable bath tubs to tiny onesies, as well as cribs and strollers and car seats. Oftentimes, the excitement of preparing for baby is mixed with the realization that you actually need to use all of these things properly, and uncertainty may creep in. How does that swaddling thing go again? How warm should water be for a bath? You worry about keeping your baby safe, how you prepare your home, and what skills you need to develop.

We understand what a big transition a new baby can be, and we’re here to help. Several of our practices offer classes to prepare new parents to care for their newborns safely and happily. See if one might work for you.

Caring for your Newborn

This 3-hour class offered at our Burlington, Cambridge, Kenmore and Wellesley practices is ideal for expectant parents in the last trimester of pregnancy. Using dolls and other props, the class is very hands-on and teaches you how to clothe, diaper, swaddle, and bathe your baby, to name just a few. The instructor will also review what essential gear is required and how to select it, safety issues to consider, and many other aspects of caring for you baby, such as comfort measures, skin care, sleep patterns, feeding, and illness in early infancy.

Pediatric/Infant CPR

Ideal for expectant or new parents as well as other caregivers, this class teaches adults how to perform CPR on children ages birth to eight years. Hands-on practice gives participants the confidence, skills and knowledge needed to turn a potentially life-threatening situation into a lifesaving one. Topics include:

We currently offer this 3-hour class at our Burlington and Wellesley practices. Please note: This class does not provide certification needed for day care providers or health care professionals.

Baby Care and Safety Combo Class

If both classes listed above sound great, you can enjoy the convenience of taking them both together! Our Braintree, Somerville and Wellesley practices offer a combined 6-hour class that meets on Saturdays and covers all the topics from “Caring for your Newborn” and “Pediatric/Infant CPR” at one time and in one place.

For more information about all the many classes we offer at Harvard Vanguard, please click here.

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