Atrius Health Submits Pre-Filed Testimony to the Health Policy Commission

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Atrius Health recently submitted pre-filed testimony to the Health Policy Commission (HPC) in advance of the Annual Health Care Cost Trends hearings that will take place October 5-6, 2015 at Suffolk University Law School.

Atrius Health was among approximately 70 health care provider organizations and payers statewide asked to submit pre-filed testimony on a variety of topics including alternative payment methodologies, steps taken to ensure the state met the benchmark in 2014, price transparency, barriers and provider price variation.

The HPC also asked organizations to describe systematic or policy changes that have encouraged them to operate more efficiently without reducing quality.  In its written testimony, Atrius Health noted the following recommendations to the HPC and other state policymakers:

All pre-filed testimony including the full text of Atrius Health’s testimony will be posted here.

The annual hearings, required under Chapter 224 will include experts as well as witnesses who will be testifying during the hearings on drivers of health care costs.  Steven Strongwater, MD, President and Chief Executive Officer, will be one of 30 individuals called upon to testify in person during the two-day Cost Trends hearings.  Dr. Strongwater will testify on October 6th as an expert witness on a panel “Meeting the Benchmark in 2015 and Beyond.”  The pre-filed and live testimony will be the basis of the HPC’s Annual Cost Trends Report that will be filed at the end of the year.

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