Atrius Health Launches Innovation Center

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Atrius Health recently announced that it is launching an Innovation Center dedicated to developing and improving patient-centered care delivery models that meet the needs of today’s healthcare market. Atrius Health plans to invest $10 million towards this important objective.

“As the industry continues to move towards increased risk sharing, accountability and transparency around performance, increased patient engagement, and demands for big gains in efficiency, it is requiring us to rethink how we deliver care,” said Daniel Burnes, MD, Transition CEO of Atrius Health.  “As a leader in transforming healthcare delivery, Atrius Health is well-positioned to use the Innovation Center to demonstrate our commitment to the health of our patients and to navigate an ambitious path to remain a world-class provider organization.”

The Innovation Center will focus on programs developed within the Atrius Health medical practices as well as on external programs that have a strong likelihood for improving quality and experience for a significant number of patients and demonstrating some financial return. Atrius Health practices and the Innovation Center will work together to generate and assess ideas, taking necessary steps for implementation once an idea is proven. Each selected project will undergo a rigorous and structured vetting process that includes generating ideas, thorough research, and testing before its launch.

The Atrius Health practices—including Dedham Medical Associates, Granite Medical Group, Harvard Vanguard Medical Associates—together with VNA Care Network & Hospice serve 675,000 patients across eastern Massachusetts. The Innovation Center will be an independent business unit within Atrius Health. In addition, an Advisory Board consisting of membership from the Atrius Health Board and the organization’s Senior Leadership will oversee the Innovation Center. It will be funded through an investment by the Atrius Health medical groups of $10 million over the next few years.

Dr. Karen Dasilva, who spearheaded the team that established the Center, has been appointed Vice President, Innovation. Dr. DaSilva joins the Innovation Center after serving as Deputy Chief Medical Officer and Director of Internal Medicine at Harvard Vanguard Medical Associates. Dr. DaSilva received her medical degree from Albany Medical College and completed her internship and residency at Albany Medical Center Hospital.  She is board certified in internal medicine.

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  1. Bravo. I hope you’ll keep seniors’ needs front-and-center. See what I wrote today about the Apple/IBM/Japan Post partnership for what I call “Smart Aging.”

    Comment by WDavidStephenson on May 1, 2015 at 11:26 am

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