Atrius Health Joins Group Urging Congress to Strengthen Medicare Advantage

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More than 16 million seniors are enrolled in Medicare Advantage, which is a type of Medicare health plan offered by a private company that contracts with Medicare to provide seniors with their Part A and Part B benefits. In recent years, Medicare Advantage enrollment has grown tremendously due to its exceptional model of coordinated care.

Medicare Advantage patients benefit from a team-based approach that focuses on primary care and prevention. For example, they are more likely to receive appropriate preventive screening tests and have lower levels of preventable hospital re-admissions compared with seniors in traditional fee-for-service Medicare.

Atrius Health joined hundreds of physician organizations across the country to urge Congress to strengthen Medicare Advantage. Medicare Advantage has faced numerous legislative and regulatory cuts over the past several years.  Reductions to the program are the putting the top-quality care and additional benefits provided to seniors at risk.

More than 300 medical groups and independent practice associations sent a letter urging Congressional representatives to protect and strengthen the Medicare Advantage program. The effort was organized by CAPG, the largest U.S. association representing physician groups practicing risk-based coordinated care.

Beyond the immediate patient benefits, the letter states, “Medicare Advantage is a critical element in the nation’s movement from volume to value in healthcare.” The program’s improvements and healthcare innovations spill over into all areas of the healthcare delivery system. The model deployed in Medicare Advantage is driving a transformation of the delivery system from one that pays for each service provided to one that pays for high-quality coordinated care.

View the letter here.

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