Making it Easier for You: Schedule Primary Care Appointments Online Directly Through MyHealth Online – And More!

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MH Direct Schedule Main PageHarvard Vanguard is excited to announce a convenient new way for patients with a MyHealth Online account to schedule an appointment with their primary care provider  using the MyHealth secure web site ( or the MyChart mobile app for iPhone/iPad/iTouch and Android.

This new capability allows you real-time access to directly book an available appointment in your primary care provider’s schedule that works best for you and your family.   Primary care appointment types for adults and children you can book today include:

We have also added functionality that lets you directly cancel appointments in many specialties (not just primary care!) through MyHealth.

As we work on integrating this new online functionality with our scheduling system, if you do not find a primary care appointment that meets your needs, please call your provider’s office to discuss additional appointment availability which may not be reflected on MyHealth at this time.

Booking a Primary Care Appointment through the MyHealth Web site

To schedule an appointment through the MyHealth secure web site, log in and click on the “Schedule An Appointment” icon in the middle of the home page or the “Schedule an Appt” link under the “Appointments” section.

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Follow the prompts to choose the appointment type, confirm your demographics and select dates/times you wish to research.  If appointments are available that meet your selected criteria, you will see available times for your primary care physician.  In many cases, you can also see available times for your extended primary care team, including your nurse practitioner or physician assistant.

Booking an Primary Care Appointment with the MyChart App

To schedule an appointment using the MyChart app, log in and click on the “Appointment” icon on the app home page and next, click the small calendar icon in the lower right corner.

Appointment icon, as shown on an iPhone.

Appointment icon, as shown on an iPhone.

While you can book the same primary care appointment types on the app, the functionality and information displayed is a bit more limited than the web site version.  For instance, at this time the MyChart Mobile app only shows available appointment times for your primary care physician and does not include other members of your primary care team.  The MyChart experience using an iPhone/iPad/iTouch and Android device is based on their respective user interfaces and is also different than the web site version, so we recommend you click around a bit to get familiar with the app functionality on your particular device.

More New Features Available Through MyHealth

How Do I Get a MyHealth Account?

We hope to expand direct scheduling through MyHealth to other specialties in 2015 to help make scheduling appointments even easier.  If you want to have appointment scheduling ability at your fingertips, all you need is Internet access and an email account. It only takes a few minutes to sign up for MyHealth, so click here to register today or ask your care team for more information when you are next in the office.

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