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palm tree foodThe recent April showers haven’t slowed down our SMArt Kids. They are full of energy and enthusiasm when it comes to embracing our SMArt Kids’ goals. See if you can work on some of their goals this spring and into the summer:

At our recent SMA, the SMArt Kids made a delicious yogurt parfait with Linda Germaine-Miller, our SMArt Kids’ nutritionist. As spring and summer approaches, it is hard to resist all of the “goodies” that go hand in hand with Easter, Mother’s Day, Memorial Day, and Graduation Parties. It can even be hard on a regular weeknight when the ice cream truck rolls by your house! Think about bringing this dessert option to the next party you attend. It provides lots of nutrients by using different types of fruit.

SMArt Kids Parfait 4Colors of the Rainbow Yogurt Parfait


You will also need a grater and a plastic ziplock bag.


We also discussed strategies to avoid the temptations that come with the warm weather. First of all, we acknowledged that having a schedule and keeping busy is paramount for anyone who wants to stay healthy this spring and summer.

Another theme we reiterated at our SMA was “prepare, prepare, prepare” for whatever activities are coming your way – a road trip, picnic, beach day, holiday, party or BBQ.  If you bring your own meals, chances are you will eat less and eat better.  When hitting a restaurant, go online and review the menu ahead of time so you can make healthier choices.

Taking advantage of the fresh produce available this time of year is another way to stay on goal.  Along these lines, remember to shop and eat locally. There are so many in-season fruits and vegetables here in New England.  Not sure where to go? To find a local farmer’s market, check out this website – just type in your zip code!

SMArt Kids 5210 pic v2As we outlined some practical yet important strategies, we reminded the SMArt Kids about the 5-2-1-0 or 5-2-1-Almost NONE mantra.

How do you do this? With the warm weather approaching, it will be much easier to exercise for an hour per day and in turn decrease your screen time. The temptation to make lemonade or iced tea will be high, but opt for water with fruit slices or a fun fresh seltzer flavor instead.  The fruits and veggies shouldn’t be hard now that spring is here. Go berry picking or plant a vegetable garden in your yard, flower box or plant pot.

SMArt Kids compass 2Chip Wilder, LICSW, led our SMArt Kids’ in another mindful eating exercise. They reviewed the concept of following their inner compass and discussed the barriers that exist in achieving their goals. He created a handy tool for them to use at home – a reminder to work on their monthly goal while listening and following their “inner compass.”

SMArt Kids will be winding down for the summer before we know it. We hope some of them will join us again in September when we kick off a new session.  But we have room for new faces, too!  If you have a child between the ages of 8 and 12 years who is overweight, consider joining us.  We meet once per month on Tuesdays from 3-4:30 at the Burlington practice of Harvard Vanguard. Our SMArt Kids team would love to work with you. Contact our office for more information at 781-221-2800.


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