Roadmap to Medication Success

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pill organizer.shutterstock_100441759Understanding how to properly take your medications is so important to your health, but many people – estimates are between 33% and 50% of people who take medication regularly – do not take them safely and properly, leading to additional labs or doctor’s visits, medical complications, and even hospitalizations, all at an additional cost.

To ensure you take your medications correctly and receive the maximum health benefit from taking those medicines, here are some things you should do – think of them as your “roadmap to medication success.”


At Your Doctor’s Office

At the Pharmacy

At Home

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About Marianne Lee, PharmD

Marianne Lee, PharmD is the co-director of the Atrius Health Clinical Pharmacy Program. She joined Harvard Vanguard Medical Associates, the largest affiliate of Atrius Health, in 1994. Prior to working at Atrius Health, Marianne was the Clinical Pharmacy Specialist at Tufts Medical Center, and before that, she worked as a Clinical Pharmacy Specialist at the VA Medical Center, San Francisco. Marianne graduated with a Doctor of Pharmacy from the University of the Pacific, and completed a residency in Clinical Pharmacy at the VA Medical Center, San Francisco. Marianne is especially passionate on the issue of medication adherence. Her passion led her to publish several peer-reviewed articles in medical journals including the Archive of Internal Medicine and The Joint Commission Journal on Quality Improvement. Her outside interests include traveling and culinary arts.

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