Pioneer ACO First Performance Year Shows No Loss for Atrius Health

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Atrius Health is pleased to announce that we do not have a shared loss in the first performance year of the Pioneer Accountable Care Organization (ACO) Model. Our loss is small enough that it is considered within the statistical range of error.  This news differs from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services’ (CMS) release two weeks ago that indicated Atrius Health was one of two Pioneer ACOs (out of the 14 that had a loss of any size) that had a shared loss in the model for 2012.  This change is due to the fact that the Pioneer ACO Model results from the first year were released before the numbers for our 12 month performance year were finalized.  The financial plan that that we selected with CMS for our first 12 month performance period ended on March 2013 and our final numbers show that our loss was .98%, not the previously reported 2.1%.

We are pleased to hear this news because the improvement shows that we have made terrific progress into 2013. We are also pleased because our benchmark was more challenging than other Pioneers in our market, since we have a history of providing coordinated care for these Medicare patients. 

The first year of the Pioneer ACO Model has been an exciting process that has engaged our clinicians and staff and brought us in closer alignment. We have already seen coordinated care improvements and a decrease in our cost trends. Furthermore, our quality scores were amongst the best nationally. 

Among the accomplishments that we will detail in future blog posts:

We will harvest these results as we move forward on our Pioneer ACO Model journey to provide better care, better health and lower costs for our patients.

For more information, contact Marci Sindell, Chief External Affairs Officer at or 617-559-8323.

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