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Executive Office of Human Services Seeks Waiver of Medicare Three-Day Stay Rule

Currently, when patients who have Medicare as their primary insurance are discharged to a skilled care facility for rehabilitation, Medicare’s coverage only kicks in if beneficiaries have been have been hospitalized for at least three days. This is commonly known as the three-day stay rule.

The three day acute care requirement was implemented by CMS in 1990 after SNFs were having patients admitted who were too sick to be properly cared for in the SNF and should have been hospitalized.

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Atrius Health Named Boston Business Journal’s 2013 Champion in Health Care

Atrius Health is proud to announce that it was selected as one of Boston Business Journal’s 2013 Champions in Health Care. Atrius Health was honored, as one of only two recipients in the physician practice group category, for being “pioneers in the practice of medicine.”

“We are thrilled that our organization was recognized by the Boston Business Journal as a leader in our region’s health care system,” said Dr. Gene Lindsey, President and CEO of Atrius Health.

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You Should Know What We Know about Traveling Abroad

Air travel has made lots of places accessible that weren’t before, and we Americans are now traveling abroad with greater frequency, be it for work and business, family vacations, study abroad, or real adventure experiences in remote areas of the world.

When you’re preparing for your trip, if you’re like most people, you’ve researched the sights to see, booked your hotel, and made your packing list.  Ready to go, right?  But have you thought about your health?

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Our Journey as a Pioneer Accountable Care Organization: Coordinating Care

Because Atrius Health is a coordinated care system of outpatient facilities, one of the key challenges we faced was coordinating care across our preferred inpatient facilities and community partner organizations. For Medicare patients, much of the care we coordinate is outside of  the medical care we provide directly. To deliver comprehensive care to our Pioneer Accountable Care Organization (ACO) patients, and to improve care for other patients as well, we had to meet the challenge of building meaningful,

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Check out the Cambridge Practice!

Looking for a great new doctor?  Our Cambridge practice currently has 13 primary care physicians for both adults and children accepting new patients.  Look below and click here to learn more about the doctors at Cambridge and other practice sites who are welcoming new patients to Harvard Vanguard.

The Cambridge office is very conveniently located a short walk from both Inman Square and Harvard Square. 

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Legislature Makes Changes to Department of Public Health’s Prescription Drug Monitoring Program

There is little doubt that prescription drug abuse is a serious public health issue facing the state of Massachusetts. Atrius Health has supported the Department of Public Health’s Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (PDMP), which tracks prescribing and dispensing of controlled substances in Schedules II-V. This tool helps identify patients who may be involved with drug seeking behavior as well as inappropriate prescribing or dispensing of medications subject to abuse. While the PDMP offers valuable information to prescribers such as helping to identify instances where patients might be “doctor shopping”,

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What’s In Your Lunchbox? Back to School Breakfast and Lunch Ideas

The calendar and weather forecast are both still saying it’s summer, but look around and you’ll see the telltale signs of fall.  The days are already a bit shorter, the afternoon shadows are longer, and televisions are full of ads for school supplies, back to school clothes, and of course, the new fall network line-ups. Yup, the relaxed mornings, lighter traffic, grab what you like for lunch, and later than usual dinners cooked on the grill –

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Our Journey as a Pioneer Accountable Care Organization: Developing the Transformation Plan

Transforming an organization with 37 adult medicine practices is not easy.  Developing a plan to keep everyone focused and using our resources efficiently was critical. In our first year as a Pioneer ACO, it was important to develop a plan for real transformation of our care system for Medicare beneficiaries.

We invested in a small central staff for program management and enlisted support from across the organization from physicians, care management nurses, operations staff,

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Happy 25th Anniversary, Chelmsford!

In July, the Harvard Vanguard Chelmsford practice celebrated its 25th anniversary in the community. The Chelmsford practice was originally founded in 1948 and was known as Chelmsford Medical Associates.  In 1989, shortly after becoming a part of Harvard Vanguard, nine additional physicians were hired and renovations began at 228 Billerica Road.  Soon, the 72,000 square-foot facility opened with 34 physicians and many new specialties and services all under one roof.


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Helping Patients Live Safely at Home with Telehealth

There’s an underutilized form of technology that could save billions in health care costs, yet a lack of financial incentives have kept telehealth from taking its place as a widespread standard of care for patients facing chronic diseases like heart failure, pulmonary disease, and diabetes.

VNA Care Network & Hospice saw the promise over a decade ago. A federal grant allowed us to invest in and study the benefits of monitoring patients remotely.

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