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What’s In Your Lunchbox? Back to School Breakfast and Lunch Ideas

The calendar and weather forecast are both still saying it’s summer, but look around and you’ll see the telltale signs of fall. The days are already a bit shorter, the afternoon shadows are longer, and televisions are full of ads for school supplies, back-to-school clothes, and of course, the new fall network line-ups. Yup, the relaxed mornings, lighter traffic, grab what you like for lunch, and later than usual dinners cooked on the grill –

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My Family Vacation to Ecuador

To most, a week in Ecuador may mean a terrific vacation filled with beaches, spas, zip lining and other tourist attractions.  My trip to Ecuador was also a truly wonderful and memorable experience, but not quite the same as most.  My trip was a “family vacation,” but we certainly were not a typical tourist family. My son, who is an engineer, and I used our time off to volunteer, and in a most unlikely vacation spot.

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How Clinical Pharmacists Work to Improve Drug Therapy for Our ACO Patients

The Atrius Health groups have a team of clinical pharmacists working with our physicians, nurse practitioners, physician’s assistants, nurses and support staff to optimize the effectiveness, safety and cost of medication therapy for all patients – including Accountable Care Organization (ACO) patients.

Each of our clinical pharmacists has an advanced degree and ambulatory care clinical training/experience, and practices within our Internal Medicine and Family Medicine departments. Here, they participate in team meetings to develop specific care plans for our most medically vulnerable patients.

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Pioneer ACO First Performance Year Shows No Loss for Atrius Health

Atrius Health is pleased to announce that we do not have a shared loss in the first performance year of the Pioneer Accountable Care Organization (ACO) Model. Our loss is small enough that it is considered within the statistical range of error.  This news differs from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services’ (CMS) release two weeks ago that indicated Atrius Health was one of two Pioneer ACOs (out of the 14 that had a loss of any size) that had a shared loss in the model for 2012. 

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