The SMArt Kids are Heading into Summer!

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pool inner tubeCongratulations to all of the SMArt Kids for their great work this school year!  Every participant was successful in losing weight, and we are so proud of each parent’s and child’s dedication to our program.

SMArt Kids is winding down for the summer, but we know the SMArt Kids will continue to work on their goals all summer long.  We hope some of them will join us again in September when we kick off a new session with many new faces. If you have an overweight or obese child between the ages of 8 and 12 years, consider joining us once per month on Tuesdays from 3-4:30 at Harvard Vanguard in Burlington. Our SMArt Kid team would love to work with you. Contact our Burlington office for more information: 781-221-2800.

At the June session of SMArt Kids, we developed summer strategies to avoid unwanted weight gain. First of all, we acknowledged that having a schedule and keeping busy is paramount for anyone who wants to stay healthy this summer.

Another theme we reiterated at our SMA was “prepare, prepare, prepare.”  Plan ahead for your road trip, picnic, beach day, or BBQ.  If you bring your own meals, chances are you will eat less and eat better.

Taking advantage of the fresh produce available to us this time of year is another way to continue our goals. Linda Germaine-Miller, our SMArt Kids nutritionist, instructed the group on an easy but delicious and nutritious salad. Try this at home some night soon. Doesn’t this look amazing?

SMArt Kids June 2013 pic3

Mediterranean Chopped Salad (Serves 4):

Also remember to shop and eat locally. There are so many seasonal fruits and vegetables here in New England.  Not sure where to go? To find a local farmer’s market, check out this website. Just type in your zip code!

As we outlined some practical yet important summer strategies, we reminded the SMArt Kids about the “5-2-1-0” or “5-2-1-Almost NONE” mantra.

SMArt Kids June 2013 pic 2

Aim for 5 servings of fruits and vegetables
Aim for 2 hours of screen time or less
Aim for 1 hour of physical activity
Aim for little to no sugared drinks

The kids prepared inspirational posters around this theme. This summer, they will hang their works of art in a prominent location such as the fridge or bedroom wall so they will be inspired to uphold these goals. Take a look at their work!

SMArt Kids June 2013 pic1

And of course, make your summer plate a MyPlate. Keep portion sizes and food types in check this summer by referring to the plate.  Need seconds? Fill up the fruit and vegetable half of your plate instead of the other sections.

One interesting thing in the news to think about this summer: the American Medical Association has officially recognized obesity as a disease.  For those families out there struggling with this problem, hopefully this means you will get more help, support and ultimately results. Read this New York Times’ article for a brief synopsis of this recent announcement.

Thank you again to the SMArt Kids and their families. You inspire all of us. Lastly, a big thank you to our SMArt Kids’ team. Thank you Diane Gaudette, Deb LeMaitre, Kristen Beninati, Chip Wilder and Linda Germaine-Miller!  Have a safe and healthy summer! Keep up the SMArt work!

Happy Summer!

Brittanny Boulanger, MD

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