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The SMArt Kids are Heading into Summer!

Congratulations to all of the SMArt Kids for their great work this school year!  Every participant was successful in losing weight, and we are so proud of each parent’s and child’s dedication to our program.

SMArt Kids is winding down for the summer, but we know the SMArt Kids will continue to work on their goals all summer long.  We hope some of them will join us again in September when we kick off a new session with many new faces.

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Asking the Right Questions When You Have Chronic Kidney Disease

In the United States, 26 million adults have chronic kidney disease (CKD), which makes it harder for the kidneys to filter waste from the blood. CKD is an important health issue that can be under-recognized by patients and doctors, as it often progresses gradually with no obvious signs or symptoms until it has advanced to a late stage.  It is often linked to diabetes or hypertension, and symptoms include decreased energy, muscle cramps, and swollen feet and ankles. 

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Super Foods and Nutrition Tips for Men

June is Men’s Health Month, which means it’s a great time to check in with your health care providers and make sure you’re doing all you can to stay healthy.  In addition to regular screening tests, don’t forget to give your diet a check-up.  Eating well and watching your weight is one of the most important things you can do to stay healthy and active as you age.

Men of all ages should include several servings of Super Foods (foods which have extra nutrients and anti-aging and disease-fighting properties) in their diets each week. 

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Proud to be Part of Boston Pride 2013

The 2013 Boston Pride festival was the largest Pride celebration to date in Boston, boasting the best turnout and the most parade marchers ever in its 40 year history.  Harvard Vanguard Medical Associates was proud to be part of this history-making event.

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How to Use an Inhaler

If you’ve been diagnosed with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) or asthma, your doctor may have prescribed an inhaler as part of your treatment plan. An inhaler is a handheld device that delivers medicine in a measured dose while a person inhales. Inhalers are used for respiratory conditions such as asthma and COPD.

Inhaled medicine may work faster than oral medicines to relieve symptoms such as wheezing and spasms in the bronchial tubes,

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SMArt Kids : Drinks can have a not-so-sweet surprise

The SMArt Kids had a sweet time at our recent May SMA. They enjoyed the expertise of Linda Germaine-Miller, our SMArt Kids Nutritionist, and of Chip Wilder, LICSW, from the Burlington Behavioral Health Department. At a past SMA, Chip introduced the concept of mindfulness to our group, and he reinforced the importance of mindful eating this month. He taught us that mindful eating is remaining aware of and accepting what you are experiencing (sensing,

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