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More Reasons to Eat a Mediterranean Diet

The Mediterranean diet is making news again all over the place.  Newest research confirms what we thought – a Mediterranean-style diet is a healthy way to eat, because it can help reduce cholesterol, lower the risk of having a heart attack or stroke, and even help to preserve memory.

Here’s a quick summary of three recent studies:

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Eye Spots, Flashes and Floaters

Have you ever seen a speck or thread-like strand float across your field of vision? Many times these spots or floaters in your eyes are just an irritating consequence of aging. However, if these symptoms are new or get worse, it’s time to call your eye doctor. Read more about the symptoms, causes, and management for this common eye condition.

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Overcoming the Stigma of Mental Health Treatment

In our society, the stigma of mental illness is very real.  While lowering cholesterol is something people discuss openly, seeking mental health treatment is something many view as a secret. As a psychiatrist, it is disappointing to see that negative perceptions are a major barrier to patients receiving the medical care they need. Where do these perceptions come from? And how can they be changed?

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April Showers Bring May Flowers…and Fruits and Veggies, too!

Now that spring is here, it’s a perfect time to enjoy some of the healthy and nutritious local foods available to us.  Local foods tend to be fresher, are seasonal and taste better!

At April’s SMArt Kids’ SMA in Burlington, we were joined by Wright-Locke Farm’s Farm Educator, Rebekah Carter. She taught SMArt kid and parent alike the importance of eating locally.

We learned that a typical grocery store tomato hails from Mexico and travels about 3,000 miles before it arrives at your local store. 

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What to Say and Not to Say: Supporting a Friend or Family Member with Infertility

Family members and friends can unintentionally hurt the feelings of couples dealing with infertility. Although it may seem natural to ask couples when they plan to have children, even this question can be hurtful for some.  If you ask and don’t get a straight answer, drop the subject.  If a friend confides in you about fertility issues, listen without judgment.

Here is a “top five” list of things NOT to say or ask someone trying to get pregnant.

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National Nurses Week

This week is National Nurses Week. The 2013 themes are delivering quality and innovation in health care. In my opinion, these themes are infused in the Harvard Vanguard Medical Associates culture and commitment to measurably improving the health of patients and their communities.

The impact of nurses on advancing the quality of care through innovation and using data to develop more cost effective strategies to deliver high quality care is clearly evident in the many contributions of our nurses at Harvard Vanguard. 

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The Medical Group has Joined Harvard Vanguard Medical Associates

We are pleased to announce that yesterday, May 1, 2013, The Medical Group (TMG) joined our organization as the Beverly practice of Harvard Vanguard.  The practice will remain in its current location adjacent to Beverly Hospital.

The Medical Group is a multi-specialty medical practice with 15 physicians and 8 advanced practice clinicians offering adult medicine, cardiology, oncology/hematology, gastroenterology and nephrology as well as other clinical support programs and services.

“The Medical Group is a terrific fit with Harvard Vanguard,

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