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Peter C. Young, MD is Harvard Vanguard’s Runner for the 2013 Boston Marathon!

For the second year in a row, the John Hancock Non-Profit Boston Marathon Program has awarded 4 of its coveted entry number “bibs” to the Atrius Health Foundation.  Atrius Health is an alliance of seven leading community-based groups – Harvard Vanguard Medical Associates is one of them – that joined together to transform the delivery of health care in eastern and central Massachusetts.

Once again, we have selected 4 enthusiastic runners,

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SMArt Kids Practice Mindful Eating

The SMArt Kids convened for our March SMA to learn about mindfulness and its importance in regard to eating healthy.  We were fortunate to be joined by our Harvard Vanguard Burlington Behavioral Health colleague, Chip Wilder. Chip taught the group about mindfulness and even led the group in a mindfulness exercise.  (See below for exercises you can try with your children at home.)

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Top 10 Questions Women Ask Their Primary Care Doctor

I gave this presentation not too long ago at the Massachusetts Health Council’s Women’s Health Care Conference.  As I prepared this talk, I had a hard time narrowing my topics.  I could easily have addressed at least 20 questions I hear from women each and every day in the exam room.  But these 10 seem to be the most frequently asked.

Regardless of how many I have addressed here,

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