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A “Regular Cycle:” It’s All Relative

Talking about irregular periods first requires establishing what is and is not “regular.” When asked how long a woman’s menstrual cycle should be, most people would answer 28 days. But that’s just an average – very few women have 28 day cycles, and fewer still have 28-day cycles every single month, time and time again.

For most women, cycles run anywhere from 21 to 34 days, so defining regularity needs to be defined in terms of what is right for you.

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A Mid-Winter Clean Eating Challenge

The middle of winter is a perfect time to do some deep cleaning, not just for your home, but also for your body.  We’re in limbo between the craziness and overindulgence of the holidays and the relaxed, more carefree days of spring.  This is a perfect time to clean the junk out of your pantry, refrigerator, and your body, and give yourself a healthier start for spring.

I’m not talking about a celebrity endorsed detox diet,

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Feeding Your Toddler with Success (and Good Stuff, too!)

Do you ever feel like the probability of getting your toddler to do algebra is greater than getting her to eat the green beans on her plate? If you answered “yes!” you are not alone. The toddler years can be very challenging.  After all, it’s a time when your little one’s emotional development is a constant game of tug- of-war between the need to feel safe and protected by you and the desire to exert her independence and show you just what she can do on her own.

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