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SMArt Kids eat a good breakfast every day

At our recent November SMA, Linda Germaine-Miller, our nutritionist, helped the kids prepare a tasty, easy, and nutritious breakfast burrito that the kids enjoyed making as well as eating – and will hopefully make again at home.  Here’s the recipe:

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Meet Nellie, an HMR® Success Story

For weeks in late 2011, I wondered what exactly I was thinking starting the HMR diet four days before Halloween, a month before Thanksgiving, and two months before Christmas. My family and friends considered me certifiable. My co-workers watched skeptically. My mother supported me unconditionally, all the while consumed with worry. As for me…I thrived, exceeding every expectation I ever had for myself. A year later and over 47 lbs. lighter, HMR has transformed me in more ways than I could have imagined.

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Safe Toys for your child

The holiday season is just beginning, and kids are starting to make their wish lists for the toys they want.  For anyone who has seen A Christmas Story, Ralphie’s desire for a Red Rider BB gun and the response of, “You’ll shoot your eye out!” is funny, but for real life, it’s also a great reminder that the toy your child wants may not always be the safest choice.  Before you head out to the stores or begin searching online,

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Harvard Vanguard Sites Go Tobacco Free

We are proud to announce that as of today, in conjunction with Great American Smokeout, Harvard Vanguard Medical Associates will become a tobacco-free environment in all Harvard Vanguard-owned buildings.  Employees, patients and other visitors will be asked to refrain from using tobacco products while on our campuses, which includes parking lots, parking garages and in automobiles.

As of November 15th, our Cambridge, Chelmsford, Copley, Kenmore, Needham, Peabody, Post Office Square, Watertown,

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Help for the Occasional Snorer

Sleeping in the same room with someone who snores can literally be exhausting. Occasional snoring, although a nuisance to those around you,  is usually not a serious problem. However, if your snoring is habitual, it is not only disrupting the sleep of others, but it also impairs your own sleep quality and can be an indication of a more serious medical condition. Just what causes snoring, what can you do to stop occasional snoring,

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10 Tips to Trim the Fat from Thanksgiving Dinner

For most Americans, Thanksgiving marks the official start of the Holiday Feasting Season.  With the average Thanksgiving dinner weighing in at over 3,000 calories (most adults only need 1,500-2,000 calories per day), it’s no wonder most of us will roll into the New Year at least a few pounds heavier.  Holidays and weight gain don’t have to be synonymous, however, if you do some advance planning and make smart choices at the dinner table.

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Harvard Vanguard Medical Associates Named as One of the “Top Places to Work” For Fifth Consecutive Year

We are so proud to announce that, for the fifth year in a row, we have been named as one of the “Top Places to Work” by The Boston Globe’s annual employee-based survey project.

The Globe invited 1,586 Massachusetts-based employers to participate in the fifth annual Top Places to Work survey, of which 304 companies employing a total of 210,000 people were selected to complete the entire evaluation process.

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Join the Kenmore Patient and Family Advisory Council

At Harvard Vanguard, our vision is to partner with our patients and communities to make it easier to be healthy, thereby measurably improving their health. The first part of that – “to partner with our patients” – is taking on a new and exciting form at our Kenmore practice with the formation of the Patient and Family Advisory Council (PFAC). Become a member and help us design new ways of delivering high-quality, patient-centered healthcare.

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