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Welcome Back, SMArt Kids!

At our recent September SMA, we had many new SMArt Kids plus a great showing of recent graduates.  The returning patients reported on their summer successes and did a stellar job showing our new participants the ropes.  We reviewed our SMArt Kids objectives for 2012-13:

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Medford Practice Celebrates 30 years of Caring for the Community

The Medford practice of Harvard Vanguard Medical Associates opened its doors in July of 1982.  As part of Harvard Community Health Plan, it was both an insurance company and care provider for its patients.  By the end of 1983, just 18 months after it opened, the Medford practice had grown so dramatically that they had to expand their facilities to accommodate all of their patients.

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Heart Walk 2012 a Success!

On September 15th, hundreds of employees from Harvard Vanguard Medical Associates and the other medical groups that make up Atrius Health (Dedham Medical Associates, Granite Medical Group, Southboro Medical Group, South Shore Medical Center and Reliant Medical Group) participated in the Boston Heart Walk.  This is the sixth year in a row our staff and their families and friends have teamed up to raise funds for the lifesaving research,

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All About the Flu

Unlike the common cold or other minor ailments that people mistakenly call “the flu,” real influenza is a major illness that can have life-threatening complications, especially for people of certain ages or with specific high-risk conditions.

In this short video, Dr. Ben Kruskal, Chief of Infectious Disease at Harvard Vanguard, answers commonly-asked questions about the flu and the flu vaccine.

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What is Urinary Stress Incontinence?

Urinary stress incontinence is defined as unintentional urine leakage caused by some kind of physical activity or movement, such as laughing, coughing, sneezing, exercising, or heavy lifting.  These movements place pressure or stress on the bladder and cause urine to leak out.  You may not experience incontinence every time you laugh or sneeze, for example, but any activity that increases pressure on your bladder, particularly when it is full, can cause the unintentional loss of urine.

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Frozen Shoulder

Have you had an annoying pain in your shoulder for weeks or months, but you cannot recall injuring yourself?  Are you unable to enjoy sports like tennis or golf because the pain and stiffness in your shoulder is getting worse? Is the pain beginning to keep you awake at night?  If any of this sounds familiar, you may have frozen shoulder.

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Achieving peace of mind through Mindfulness

There has been a lot of buzz recently in the medical and mental health realms about mindfulness, or bringing self-awareness to emotions and body sensations. The practice of mindful meditation with the goal of cultivating awareness has been part of the Buddhist culture for thousands of years.  This concept is now being used in the treatment of depression, anxiety, addictions, and many other mental illnesses.

There has also been a lot of recent evidence supporting its benefits for a broad range of medical conditions and populations,

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