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Brown bagging it the SMArt way

The recent heat wave (perfect weather for playing outside!) didn’t deter our SMArt kids from being “smart” and participating in this month’s SMArt kids SMA.  We focused on healthy lunches, and the overriding theme of the SMA was “brown bag it!”

Although local schools are starting to heed the calls for healthier school lunches, nutritious school meals are not always easy to find.  Our SMArt kids know this from visiting their own school lunch line.

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Moo-ving to plain white milk in Watertown

Pediatricians Dan Slater, Kathy Mitchell and Julie Stepanian from Harvard Vanguard in Watertown conducted two Milk Awareness Day assemblies at the Lowell Elementary School on Wednesday, March 7, 2012.  The purpose of the assemblies was to teach children the benefits of drinking plain white milk.  The doctors explained that chocolate and strawberry milk contain double the amount of sugar of plain white milk.  While flavored milk can be a special treat,

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Doesn’t everybody get depressed? The difference between mood changes and a mood disorder

In popular culture, the words “sad” and “depressed” are used synonymously, but they are not the same.   Sadness is an emotional response to an event and should pass relatively quickly, but depression is actually a medical condition, known as a mood disorder, involving a collection of specific symptoms.  If feelings of sadness begin to interfere with your life and last for weeks on end, they may have developed into depression. Sadness is a normal change in mood,

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What Do Nutritionists Eat?

When it comes to eating healthy, most people know what they should eat, but it’s easy to fall short when it comes to putting it all together day after day.   Since March is National Nutrition Month, and today is Registered Dietitian day, I asked my colleagues – the smart, creative, and talented Harvard Vanguard Registered Dietitians– to share their favorite tips for keeping their own mealtimes healthy and balanced.

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60 minutes a day makes you one SMArt kid!

The SMArt kids are proving that they are committed to their monthly individual goals and our group’s overall goals.  To recap, here are our core SMArt Kids goals:

  • Five servings of fruits and vegetables per day (try berries on your waffle for breakfast)
  • Less than two hours of screen time (take a walk with mom or dad instead)
  • One hour of active play per day (No excuses,
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The Problem with Skimping on Sleep

When you are trying to go to sleep and cannot, or when you wake up at 3am, you can feel very isolated and alone.  But you are definitely not alone.  Sleep deprivation is a national crisis that affects 1 in 4 American adults.  43% of Americans between 13 and 64 years of age say they rarely or never get a good night’s sleep during the week.  37.9% reported unintentionally falling asleep during the day at least once in the preceding month,

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What’s in a Name? Safer care, for one.

When you check in at a Harvard Vanguard or other Atrius Health doctor’s office, one of the first things you’re asked to do is verify your name and date of birth.  Next, when you are brought to an exam room, the medical assistant asks you the same question.  If you need to take any medicine while you’re there…same question.  If you go to the lab or to x-ray…”Can you please verify your name and date of birth?”  Some of our patients say,

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Stand Up Straight! Improving Your Posture

Growing up, most of us were told at some point by our parents or grandparents to “Stand up straight!” or “Stop slouching!”  Although it might have felt like they were nagging, studies have shown that this was in fact excellent advice. There is a direct correlation between maintenance of proper posture and efficient body function throughout your daily activities and work tasks. Poor posture habits, such as slouching while standing or hunching over your computer at work,

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