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SMArt Kids eating lots of fruits & vegetables


We had a great session this month! Our nutritionist, Linda, and the SMArt Kids started the session prepping some yummy after school snacks laden with healthy veggies.  Think about how easy it is to spread guacamole on rice cakes!

The group also created a delicious smoothie that was shared by all. Try this at home:

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What we can learn from Buddha’s Brain

People often wonder why we seem to remember negative experiences more, noticing how negative thoughts can spiral us down into a deep, dark hole.  Many of my clients describe feeling overwhelmed by negative thoughts and feelings and find it difficult to shift their mood and outlook from anxious or sad to peaceful and optimistic.

Some answers on how to shift to a more positive outlook can be found in Rick Hanson’s book,

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Hosting Holiday Guests with Food Allergies

At this time of year, millions of Americans leave their homes to get together with loved ones for the holidays.  It can be a wonderful time for families and friends, separated by distance and responsibilities, to come together to relax, reminisce and renew.  But it can also be a chaotic time:  extra folding tables and chairs create treacherous obstacle courses through homes already packed with more people than usual, children hopped up on sugar and excitement run around “just being kids,” and hosts cringe as fragile trinkets (and pets) are threatened by the onslaught.

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Digital Mammography at Harvard Vanguard

Harvard Vanguard is pleased to announce that our Somerville practice now offers digital mammography services.  Harvard Vanguard and Atrius Health currently offer three convenient locations for digital mammography – Harvard Vanguard’s Kenmore and Somerville practices and the Atrius Health Imaging Center in Weymouth.  Harvard Vanguard’s Chelmsford practice currently provides analog mammography services but will offer digital mammography in early 2012.

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What is COPD?

Are you a smoker?  Do you feel you cannot be as active as you used to be?  Do you get short of breath when you do something strenuous?  Do you cough every morning?  Do you get frequent episodes of coughing illnesses during the winter?  These may be the early signs of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary disease or COPD, a progressive but treatable lung disease.  

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Treating Fibroids in Women

A myomectomy is a procedure to remove uterine fibroids, which are generally benign tumors.  Fibroids can cause heavy or irregular periods, pelvic pain, urinary symptoms, constipation, and infertility.  Especially for women who wish to maintain their fertility, fibroids may need to be removed surgically to treat these symptoms.

There are four surgical options to remove fibroids: hysteroscopically, laparoscopically, robotically, and abdominally.  Although the size, location, and number of fibroids often determine the ideal means of fibroid removal,

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Harvard Vanguard recognized as a “Top Place to Work” by The Boston Globe for a 4th year in a row!

We are delighted to announce that Harvard Vanguard Medical Associates appeared for a fourth year in a row on the “Globe 100: Top Places to Work” list for 2011.  Harvard Vanguard has placed 15th in the Large Company category.  We are particularly proud that each year for the last four years, we have been rated higher on the list.  

The “Top Places to Work”

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Burlington SMArt Kids learn a healthy approach to Halloween treats and sugary drinks

The post-Halloween weeks are upon us, but our SMArt Kids were neither scared by the tricks or, more importantly, will be scared by the treats.  After our recent SMArt Kids session, they are armed with some tips to resist the onslaught of sweet, syrupy and sugary treats. To limit your own trick-or-treater’s sugar intake after Halloween, try these tactics:

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