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When trying to conceive “the old-fashioned way” may not be enough

Babies!  It seems as though they’re everywhere and that a different friend or relative calls you every week to announce her pregnancy.  If you’re “trying” and it hasn’t happened yet, it’s easy to feel alone, but you’re not.  

The majority of people trying to conceive will do so in the first six months of trying, but up to 1 in 6 couples will have difficulty conceiving (meaning not achieving a pregnancy in one year of unprotected intercourse). 

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Could our food be making us sick?

Three news reports recently caught my eye because they each raise concerns about the safety of many of the foods we eat.  As a Nutritionist, I am usually asked how a food might affect conditions such as diabetes or high cholesterol.  But I wonder how many individuals stop to think about the production, processing or storage of our food, and the long-term impact those things may have on our health.  Perhaps it’s time to make some changes in our diets now,

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Safe, Proper Medication Disposal

As we mentioned in a recent blog post about medication safety, unused medications, whether expired or simply no longer needed, should be disposed of to prevent them from getting into the wrong hands (or paws).

But how do you get rid of those medications? If you wash them down the drain or flush them away, they get into the water system.  Too much medication disposed of this way can be harmful to the environment.

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“Race to Nowhere” and The Great Homework Debate

There is a movie being shown under the sponsorship of school parent groups in the suburbs of Boston called Race to Nowhere.   It is about teenagers, but not the teenagers I assumed it was about. When I initially heard the title, I thought it was about the teenagers racing to precociously initiate adult “activities” such as sex, smoking cigarettes, drinking alcohol, etc.  These are the risky behaviors I counsel younger and younger teens about every day in my office.

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Planning for Baby

Have you and your spouse or partner decided you’re ready to have a baby?  It’s exciting to think about, that’s for certain.  Before getting caught up in the excitement of trying to conceive, however, you should think about planning a trip to your doctor. Seeing your doctor before you get pregnant provides an opportunity to make sure that you’re as healthy as possible—and it allows you to test for certain conditions that might affect your pregnancy (even before it happens).

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Meet Tim, an inspiration for everyone trying to lose weight

Our Facebook fans may remember Tim, a patient at our Chelmsford practice and a participant in The HMR Program for Weight ManagementTM at Harvard Vanguard.  We featured Tim back in August.  At the time, he had lost a total of 117 pounds, just 19 weeks into the program.  We had shown him holding a 50-pound bushel of corn, which weighed less than half of the total weight he had already lost. 

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