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Dr. Brittanny Boulanger

Thanks to all of the SMArt Kids participants for their attendance at our February 15th session – it was a great session!  We had several new faces along with our returning SMArt Kids from our January appointment.  Everyone, parent and child alike, did a stellar job contributing to the discussion and asking many important questions.  Julie Seed, our nutritionist, and I were impressed with the level of involvement, especially given it was only our second encounter, and for many only the first.  During our appointment, we enjoyed a healthy snack of water, apples and grapes, something delicious and healthy that you can easily prepare at home. (SMArt Kids: can you tell me how many grams of sugar are in water? That’s right, Zero!)

Every member of our returning group did an outstanding job in the last month and was diligent in his or her efforts to work on one selected goal from January, whether it was drinking less than 4 ounces of sugared beverages per day or eating five servings of fruits and vegetables daily

Many SMArt Kids shared their successes, like finding a Wii game (Zumba fitness) that promoted the 60 minutes of active play all kids should get on a daily basis. You all did a tremendous job; in fact, most of you maintained or lost weight since the January visit!  Remember: focusing on one goal versus trying to change lots of things at once usually yields more success.

Our most recent session focused on the importance of limiting sugared drinks. We learned from Julie how to read drink labels, and we learned to search for drinks with less than 5 grams of sugar per serving.  We discussed that the healthiest drinks are water and low fat milk.  The group had some great ideas about making water more fun, like adding fruit slices or adding two fruit juice ice cubes to 1 cup of water.

Everyone was astounded to learn that an average 20-ounce bottle of soda or juice has 68 grams or 17 teaspoons of sugar!  Kids who drink one can of soda (which is 12-ounces) each day are getting an extra 30 pounds of sugar per year.  We all agreed this is too much!

Next month, we will review the five themes, but will specifically focus on the importance of eating more fruits and vegetables. Between now and then, feel free to work on your individual goal or any of the five major goals:

 I and the entire SMArt Kids team at Burlington are so impressed with the enthusiasm our SMArt kids are showing to find ways to be healthier.  We eagerly await next month’s meeting to see how everyone has done. 

If you think this shared medical appointment approach might be helpful for your child, please call us at 781-221-2800 to learn more about our SMArt Kids program.

 See you in March!

 Brittanny Boulanger, MD

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