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SMArt Kids and Fast Food

Given it’s always a busy week before the upcoming holiday and school break, we were excited that so many new and returning SMArt Kids made it to our December 20th SMA at Burlington. In light of the upcoming holidays, Linda, our SMA nutritionist, engaged the SMArt Kids by creating a ‘bean theme’ holiday gift that was not only fun to make but will be nutritious to eat. Remember, beans are a low fat, low cholesterol source of protein rich in minerals and fiber.

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The Importance of Planned-Care Visits for Asthma

Whether your child’s asthma is in good control or poor control makes a tremendous difference on your family’s quality of life and on your child’s overall health. 

  • When asthma is in poor control, children miss an average of 18 days of school versus only 0 to 2 days missed among children whose asthma is in good control. Children may fall behind when they miss school frequently, and parents may need to miss work during school absences.
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Harvard Vanguard Hospital Partners Receive National Recognition

While our goal is to keep you and all of our patients out of the hospital, there may be times during the course of your lifetime when it is necessary for you to receive care at a hospital. Harvard Vanguard has longstanding relationships with many of the best hospitals in the greater Boston area that are committed to providing high quality health care. 

Three of those hospitals – Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center,

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How safe are “natural” or complementary and alternative treatments?

Complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) is a label applied to a broad range of treatments that are felt to be outside the scope of conventional or Western medicine.  Some examples of CAM are:

  • Herbal remedies, vitamins, minerals, and “natural” products – many of which are sold as over-the-counter dietary supplements
  • Chiropractic manipulation
  • Acupuncture

More than one-third of the adults and 20–40% of children in the United States have reported using CAM.  

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Anticipating the holiday season

For anyone in the midst of fertility treatment, the upcoming holidays can present challenges.  The holiday season provides more opportunities to socialize with friends and family, and therefore increases the potential for questions that, however well-intentioned, can make you uncomfortable.  Because the holidays are often family-focused celebrations, the most difficult part of the season may actually be dealing with your own family.   It’s helpful to anticipate the events and prepare ahead of time for situations which may be stressful for you. 

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Our Physicians Honored By Harvard Pilgrim Health Care For Excellence In Adult And Pediatric Care

Harvard Vanguard Medical Associates is pleased to announce that our practices have been named to the annual Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Honor Roll for excellence in adult and pediatric patient care.

Harvard Pilgrim selected the Honor Roll physician groups based on clinical performance measured against national standards

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SMArt Kids eating lots of fruits & vegetables


We had a great session this month! Our nutritionist, Linda, and the SMArt Kids started the session prepping some yummy after school snacks laden with healthy veggies.  Think about how easy it is to spread guacamole on rice cakes!

The group also created a delicious smoothie that was shared by all. Try this at home:

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What we can learn from Buddha’s Brain

People often wonder why we seem to remember negative experiences more, noticing how negative thoughts can spiral us down into a deep, dark hole.  Many of my clients describe feeling overwhelmed by negative thoughts and feelings and find it difficult to shift their mood and outlook from anxious or sad to peaceful and optimistic.

Some answers on how to shift to a more positive outlook can be found in Rick Hanson’s book,

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Hosting Holiday Guests with Food Allergies

At this time of year, millions of Americans leave their homes to get together with loved ones for the holidays.  It can be a wonderful time for families and friends, separated by distance and responsibilities, to come together to relax, reminisce and renew.  But it can also be a chaotic time:  extra folding tables and chairs create treacherous obstacle courses through homes already packed with more people than usual, children hopped up on sugar and excitement run around “just being kids,” and hosts cringe as fragile trinkets (and pets) are threatened by the onslaught.

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Digital Mammography at Harvard Vanguard

Harvard Vanguard is pleased to announce that our Somerville practice now offers digital mammography services.  Harvard Vanguard and Atrius Health currently offer three convenient locations for digital mammography – Harvard Vanguard’s Kenmore and Somerville practices and the Atrius Health Imaging Center in Weymouth.  Harvard Vanguard’s Chelmsford practice currently provides analog mammography services but will offer digital mammography in early 2012.

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